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Scared to come off the diet


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Hi guys,

I still have around a stone to loose, and I wanted to come off the diet at this stage and join ww or sw but im scared to come off it. Im just afraid that ill go back to my old ways. I no u will prob say just dont do it, or look how far u have come but im just freaking out over it. I planned on coming off it last week, then this week and now im saying another week, i keep putting it off. Any1 else going tru this?
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Hi Lenni, i still had a stone to lose when i came off at the begining of feb, i decided i would do diet chef, messed around for a few weeks before i started, then started diet chef and lost a few lbs but kept cheating, back here 6 weeks later re starting exante the same weight and i have lost 6 weeks! I'am sure there are people who manage it but i wish i had just stuck with it.


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Why do you want to come off it Lenni?


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S: 14st8lb C: 13st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 1st7lb(10.29%)
Do I not have to come off it totally at some stage? R can u stay on even one shake for good? C if I come off it at some stage I would rather do it before my target weight so that I can join a slimming club and basically train myself to eat the right things, I tink if i stay on this till target, then come off it when i dont have anything else to loose I will totally crash and binge eat


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I understand exactly where you are coming from. I am at goal now and I am off on holiday tomorrow so will probably put on a few pounds but I will go straight back on Exante when I get home to get that off. My plan is to have a 7lb limit if I put weight on..............I hope with sensible eating I don't but IF I do then when I hit that 7lb limit I will go back on Exante to get it off. I don't see any reason why Exante cannot be used as a tool indefinely to stay in shape.
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you could always have a shake ect for brekkie and dinner and a normal tea that way during the day you know whats going in all you need to do is think ahead for tea ?
ive thought about this for after ive reached goal... i plan to have a lot of protein to make me feel fuller for longer and count calories. Its always been carbs that have lead me into trouble... ive always been worried about them but im guessing that if were having 60g a day of healthy carb then i can feel safe on 60g a day when i come off plan... if i eat them from good sources and not crap!


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I'm nervous about this too when I get closer to my goal (still a way off yet!), I think I'm going to go the route of gradually weaning myself off packs one at a time and replacing with a sensible meal, and see how it goes. I think Exante recommend doing that over 4 weeks, I think I will probably do it over longer than that, as I want to be sure I get to the end able to stay in control of my eating and not get back to where I started!
i feel the same too, im finishing in 8 days, im re-feeding for 5 days then my boyfriend is taking me away for the weekend, i have enough for 21 days and so dont want to gain, im still a way off my goal yet of 100lb (24lb) im going to finish my packs with re-feeding and move to having between 1000-1500 cals a day, gym 3-5 times a week and limit my carbs. im giving myself 7lb +- fluctuation and im never going over it.

could you take up some exercise?


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I know just how you feel. I've just lowered my BMI to 24.7 so I shouldn't be on exante anymore. I've decided to finish my packs and slowly wean myself off. I have 2 more weeks of 3 packs a day then I'm going to do 1 week with 3 packs and 1 meal, then 1 week of 2 packs and 2 meals and then 1 week of 1 pack and 3 meals. I've been looking through my dad's Slimming World book and in the next few days I'm going to make lists (I'm weird and have to plan and write lists! Lol) of meal ideas and what I will and won't be able to have. I think that by planning it all now it will give me more of an idea for when I finally finish all my packs and hopefully I wont put all the weight back on. Good luck when you finally finish and good luck with the last stone! :)

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