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Scared to do it?

Hey guys - iv only got about a stone and a bit to lose but really struggle to stay on any of the plans except for extra easy, i really enjoy this way of eating - but for some reason i am terrified of the amount of pasta im eating, iv always been told by different websites that if u havent got a lot to lose and really wana see some definition in your figure then cutting down on carbs is the way to go - i always make sure i have plenty of veggies and stuff mixed in with it but am just worried as to whether it will work for sum1 with not much to lose?? Has any1 done extra easy who dont have tht much extra weight on them and managed to get to target?

Thanks !
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There is no need to be frightened of the plan if you are following it properly - remember on EE, at least 1/3 of your meal should be superfree, so if you are eating 'huge' amounts of pasta (which would account for 2/3 of your plate), you should be eating fairly huge amounts of salads and superfree veggies too - It is amazing how much superfree veg you eat if you do EE properly ...
No i only started one or two weeks ago, did quite well in my first week - dropped 4 nd a half pounds but think that was mainly due to havin such a poor diet before to be honest, i do find myself eating alot more fruit and veg than i used to which is a bonus - think im gona cut bak a bit on my portion sizes tho


loves food and cooking
as I understand it, on EE, cottage cheese counts as free food (2/3), not superfree (1/3).

Only superfree fruit and veg count as superfree now (since Jan) - eggs / quorn / cottage cheese etc are all now classified as free foods.


I started SW in August, also with not too much to lose, and have mainly followed extra easy. I eat pasta all the time and managed to get to goal having lost 1st 4lb by the end of November. Don't worry about it too much. Just make sure you have your 1/3 superfree and the pasta shouldn't make much difference, it didn't to me anyway!
Im doing EE plan also and ive about the same to lose as you. Ive been on plan for 2 weeks now and ive seen a really good weight loss so far. I dont eat pasta or wheat products though as i have an intolerance to them and tend to gain weight and inches if i eat them. However, i do eat a decent amount of carbs in other forms such as potatoes etc. If the plan is working for you so far then hopefully you will be fine. Good luck x x


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EE has always worked for me, even down to the last pounds.
I do, however always eat at least the 1/3 superfree foods.
Personally, I rather fill up on veg but there is no need to cut back on the carbs as long as you have the 1/3 superfree foods.

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