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Scared to try SW

Hi, I often read your forum and see some excellent losses .. Im struggling with WW partly I think my mind is not in "gear" if you know what I mean and partly because I do get hungry on WW.. but I am really scared to try SW .. I have had a few half hearted attempts at SW before and WW but never really stuck to it .... Im so desperate to loose weight BUT I can really eat a lot (guess thats way Im 9 Stone overweight eh !!) thats what Im scared of just the freedom to eat so much ... any advice greatly appreciated should I stick with WW or try again at SW :confused::sigh:
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Firstly, no plan will work unless you're in the 'zone'.
However, if it's lots of food you want, then SW is the diet for you...
Both diets work REALLY well if you stick to them. It depends which one suits your lifestyle best. Some people swear by SW others by WW.

No diet will work if your mind isnt in gear, and the fact your struggling with WW is probably more down to that than anything else.

I have to admit Im enjoying SW but I think Ill probably end up back doing WW again at some point, it suits me better and I have to admit, Im never ever hungry on it. I like the discipline of points and I think once you get used to them they become second nature. SW is great though if you dont want to weigh and count points.

It really is hard to say what will work best for you, you could make the very same post on WW forum and everyone there will tell you that WW is by far the best diet, much better than SW, while on here noone is going to recommend you do WW lol

If your head really isnt in the right place maybe a new start with a new diet will give you the 'click' you need :)
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I changed from ww to sw at the end of august and whilst the weight hasnt dropped off ,its been a pound a week on a regular basis and i have to say i cant beleive how much i am eating !!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Gotta agree with the above, and don't worry about needing to lose 9 stone, I needed to lose over ten when I started!

You should take some inspiration from the members such as JestersTear who have managed to lose so much on SW, maybe look at a few of the food diaries to get some ideas of what you can eat.

I have lost 22lbs in five weeks, and I can honestly say that I have eaten more in this five weeks than any other! BUT I have stuck to within the rules/guides of SW AT ALL TIMES, and have also supplemented with a little exercise too.

Like with any diet, you follow it and you will lose weight, but don't follow it and you won't.

We would ALL recommend SW to you, but only you can find the oomph to join it and follow it as you would need to.

You thought of joining a local class? Makes all the difference for me, an of course you have your other class here - Minimins :)

Best of luck
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You're losing nothing by giving it a try & if you don't try it you'll never know. It is great because you really can eat so much.

But only do it if you really want to, if you're not ready, then wait until a better time for you, Good luck x


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This is the best diet I have been on, I too have tried WW and other diets, but never stuck with them and would fall off the wagon after a week or so cos I always seemed to be hungry. Can honestly say have never really felt hungry on SW, theres so much free food u can munch on.
Which ever diet u choose I wish you luck :)


Slow but sure....
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I was a WW'er for 20 years (off and on) and i never really had any lasting success, and I got bored having to count points all the time - so I tried SW and I haven't looked back, it is a brilliant diet and it works.

It is a little difficult to understand at first especially as there are so many plans, but the dieter's on this forum helped me out and I soon got into the diet, and now I shall stay with it for good, I'm totally converted to SW.

Try it yourself, until you do you won't believe how good it is.
I tried WW before and SW but half heartedly. I agree about needing to be in 'the zone' and going for it.

I personally find SW easier because I can eat lots of food without counting or weighing too much.

Give it a go and see how you find it and good luck x
I also have tried every diet unde the sun, WW, SS, Cambridge, cabbage Soup and all the fad diets plus slimming tabs. They all worked BUT I was ALWAYS hungry. This is by far the best and HEALTHIEST diet. I have been going to Sw for bt 1 1/2 years. I lost over 1 1/2 stone in 8 weeks last year before my wedding, and have recently lost another 1 1/2 stone. This is the only diet that u can eat till u feel FULL, as long as its the right stuff. I should correct myself there, because its not a `diet`, its just healthy eating. Dont give up, U will get loads of support and make lots of new friends in the same boat, I did. x
Hi Alegna. You say that you have made "a few half hearted attempts at Slimming World before". I assume that was before the start of this year, when SW launched their new Extra Easy plan? Although I totally agree that you have to be in the right frame of mind for ANY diet to work, EE is different from the previous Red and Green days you know about, and new members at our group seem to do very well on the plan.

As others have said, it is at least worth giving it a try. It is so much more like normal, but healthy, eating than any other 'diet' I've ever seen. It really is an eating plan that we all could (and should!) follow for life - and still intersperse with Red and Green days whenever you felt like it - there is lots of flexibility.

Very Best of Luck with whatever decision you make.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hun...I was 12 stone over weight and if I can get through this, anyone can...no one loves their food as much as me! I even dream about it! Lol.
The SW plan is so very different from WW and you will never be hungry. The idea is moderation...eat until you are full, not stuffed and uncomfortable and the weight will start coming off.


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Sadly WW didn't work for me. SW does. And you get to eat lots! Try to focus on it & Im sure it will work for you too x
ALL diets start in the head. If your head isn't in the right place then neither SW nor WW will work for you.
You need to want to lose the weight and go for it wholeheartedly and not half heartedly.

Of course on here we will tell you that SW is the best plan, however, it's the best plan for us and it works for us. WW is a tried and tested plan and works well for others.

You can eat lots of free food on SW and it is a food lover's diet but still your head needs to be in the right place.

As Starlight said though, a switch in diet plan may be the trigger to get you started BUT I would highly recommend going to a class, getting all the information and putting your heart and soul into the first week at least.
You have to trust in SW, it really does work. Good luck hun.


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To the OP, I know how you are feeling hun, I started a similar thread in which I wanted to go for the weigh in and to meet other ladies who are on their weight loss journey, but I was worried about the free food, as my relationship with food, is not a good one.

Having said all that Starlight and Fern made some very good points in their replies to me and I have decided to go for it!

Good luck, be brave, and use this wonderful forum for support.
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When your ready, any eating plan you chose will work for you. Promise. x

No need to be frightened of sw, but i must admit i was too.. and even more so when i tried the Extra easy plan for the first time, even though i'd been at sw a good 8 months then!
Sw is fab, and i can't fault it, it's given me my life back.

When i first joined i did it for my mum, and certainly was not in'the zone' but i promised myself i'd give it one whole week of a go. & that feeling when i stepped on those scales.. you wont look back when you know you'v found somthing so good..

*hugs* You'l get there, you just have to want to do the hard bit to get there.. & to enjoy the end result.. and it doesnt have to be a struggle.. it's easy, and so much more enjoyable when you relax with it.. xx

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