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Scared to Weigh


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This time around I'm doing it on my own. I'm not going to regular weigh ins at class because it's not for me. However, I'm too scared to weigh myself. I know I'm going to get disheartened when I don't see a loss.

When I started SW the first time I was at 18st 3lb and I got down to 17st before I gave the class up and piled what I'd lost and A LOT more back on. I got on the scales we have at home a few weeks ago (before my re-start) and weighed myself in lbs only because I know my head can't convert to stones instantly and I haven't tried to. At 262lb I know it's my biggest yet.

My home scales aren't exactly accurate but the wii fit board has been pretty much spot on before now. I haven't had the courage to get back on it as it's still reading at 17st on the tracking graph from last time. I don't want to get back on it and see it go all the way back up again so am avoiding weighing on that.

I weighed in kg at the doctors two weeks ago. I *think* it said 117kg but can't really remember. Anyway 119kg is 262lb so maybe I read the dial wrong. I go back to the docs next week (not to be weighed) but the machine is there out in the waiting room behind a screen. I know I should probably check on those scales but I'm far too scared.

This week is a * anyway but I just don't know how long I can hold off weighing. My ticker stands at where is was when I started because I'm too scared to have to update it with only a lb off or - horror- more than it was to begin with. Argh.

I'm rambling. Anyway...does anyone else go through periods of avoiding the scales?:cry:
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Now to maintain.....
do you have a morrisons near you? or boots?
my husband isnt going to class like i am and is doing it at home but he weighs himself once a week(same day/time ) and he goes to morrisons and uses the scales they have by pharmacy...its 40p(50 if use boots).
but he knows they are acurate and keeps the print outs you get to keep track.
it really helps him keep fucused as its still like having a weigh-in.


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I'm doing this 'alone' too.

And no I don't avoid the scales, I'm addicted to them which may actually be worse. :(

You do have the courage. Prepare yourself, take a deep breath and hop on.

Only then can you begin to take charge and make a change.

Good luck. :)
Ok so what will happen if you don't weigh yourself:-
  1. You are left feeling down 'cause you've not had a loss
  2. You could end up going off plan
  3. You continue to feel down about the whole weight issue
  4. You may not get weighed again for months
  5. You may end up putting on even more weight.
I suggest 'you feel the fear & do it anyway' (brilliant book); that way you are not left wondering, you are more likely to stay on plan knowing how you are doing.

If you have had a gain you can come back here for support.

But you may be surprised & have lost.

Go on, step on those scales:D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Fray - you have to take the plunge hun!
Get on, find your weight and then thats it, a starting point and something to work on.
If your wii board seems most accurate then go with that as your constant weigh in.
You can do this and we are all here to support you and each other x


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I know I'm going to have to do it eventually. I go to the doctor's next wednesday so I think I'm going to do it then! That'll be three weeks on the diet. God, I hope I've lost some weight.

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