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Scazman is back!

Hi guys.

Some of you might remember me?

Nah I thought not!

I lost over 10 stone on LT about 18 months ago and maintained reasonably well for a year. However, over the last 6 months I have gained over a stone every month and I'm back to square one. I feel so stupid but I gotta get over the self loathing and get myself back in shape! I have serious issues with food and the only way I can deal with it is thru TFR. So, I've been to my pharmicist and got my shakes and I'm ready for Scazman's Journey II The Sequel! I'm expecting it to be hard work but the with the support of this forum I may just be able to make it (and this time develop strategies to keep the weight off afterwards!!!)
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Hi and welcome back. Im fairly new to this, tomorro is my 1st weigh in. You just love this forum really dont u lol. Seriously tho, good luck, you can and will lose it all again xx


Size 14 here i come!
LOL i remember you scazman, i was doing LT 1st time round in Sept 08 and you posted alot on here.
You did so well so i'm sure you can do it again. I have a feeling the forum will never be the same with you back around, lol
I mean that in the nicest way, if my memory serves me right you are a very colourful character! Welcome back.


Staff member
Welcome back Scazman and good luck with LT.

You did it before you can do it again and each time you probably will learn like I have done...something that you did not know before:)

I am in the same boat as you but finding it difficult to get motivated.

Like you I need the complete break away from food but finding the thought of doing a vlcd again very difficult but it is the only thing that works for me.

Just popping down to my chemist to have a chat about it.
Hi! 10 stone, thats a legendary loss! Nice to see people starting LT rather than leaving it! :D Hope it all goes well for you, and hope you can share some of your wisdom with us newbs. :p
Hi Scazman,

Good luck on your journey :)

Can I ask, did the weight go back on quiet easily? I am in the same position as you. I pretty much gained back all the weight i lost the first time so i have to start from scratch. When i finished LT last time I didnt do a refeed and when back to eating like i used to. This time i have to complete this the right way, i need to refeed and i need to progress on to diet and exercise. It sounds like you managed to maintain for about a year. how did you do that and what mistakes did you make to put the weight back on?

Sorry if these are personal questions but i think we need to learn from our mistakes and pass on our knowledge, any tips would be handy for us to know what we must do to stick to our goal weights:) I believe the hardest part is maintaining our weight after our weight loss and I want to find the answers to make sure we do it right!!
Oh wow....


Bring on the good times babe... xox Whoop!!!!!

Scibby dibby dibbyyum dub da dub, yum dub da dub! Lol love that song :D Beee bop ba boda bob, bod da boda bob!
Scibby dibby dibbyyum dub da dub, yum dub da dub! Lol love that song :D Beee bop ba boda bob, bod da boda bob!
he he!!! super cool!! the scaz man is way cooler than the scat man !!! lol oh i have a feeling things are going to get fun around here!!!! lol xox
Welcome back Scaz babe! :)
Welcome Back!!!:):):)
I wasn't around the 1st time but judging by the comments I am glad i am here for the sequel!!!:cool:
HI hun welcome back, I get you re the feeling stupid in a similar situation my self, I have had to realise I treat food like a drug and I have said to my husband it could of easily been alcahol or drugs the buzz is the same and the dependance is the same, I have however come to another relaisation and I may be alone inthis but after losing 5 st first time round with LT and being encouraged and complemented, I know see that I am also addicted to the buzz of weightloss, I have lost weight many times over the years through different methods but the cycle has always began again.
These addictions a so incidious, they are there but you can weed out the real reasons behind it.
I wish you wel my friend
Anna x
Welcome back Scazman!

You did it before so you can do it again. Put the past in the past and learn from your mistakes.

I've hit the 10 stone mark. LT has helped me more psychologically than physically. I feel as if my head is in the right place, but in saying that the head may wander off when faced with a huge chinese meal!

All the very best and I look forward to reading your posts.
Thanks for the support guys!

he he!!! super cool!! the scaz man is way cooler than the scat man !!! lol oh i have a feeling things are going to get fun around here!!!! lol xox
You putting pressure on me Julie!

I wish I didn't have to be back on LT and that I'd kept the weight off but I'm sure with the support of friends on this forum I can replicate my previous successes.

Over the coming weeks I will relay my story of success followed by failure. I will do so to help enable others not to fall into the same trap.
Hi scaz

I remember you from last time - Welcome back hun x
I am in the same situation I have put quite a bit of weight back on after doing really well.
This time however I am more determined than ever and when I get to my target will not make the same mistakes.
We are all in this together!
Hey Scaz,

Life is journey and its human nature to slip back into old habits, the most important thing is never to give up, always aim to improve your self and learn. You are back on track to get slim and healthy again, and you are not alone, as you can see, there are many people here that are in the same boat.

Ok, we might have put the weight back on, but we still aren't failures (even though we all feel that we are), because if we were really failures we wouldn't be here, and we wouldn't be focused on getting back to where we want to be with our weight, and more importantly, we wouldnt all be focused on figuring out what and how we can all stop this from happening again.

I have put alot of thought into this myself and I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and seeing what you think also.

Good luck babe, as you know the first while will be tough, but it will get easier, and soon you will be feeling positive and confident about getting to your healthy weight again.


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