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  1. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    After a complete pig-out on Easter Sunday :rolleyes: I thought maybe I ought to start a diary to keep myself a little more accountable.

    I've been on the diet since last November, and for the most part it suits me, but sometimes I wonder how sustainable it will be long-term.

    Whilst I'm in "diet" mode I'm okay - I can stick to any diet (more or less) until I get to my goal, but I have never been able to maintain for more than a couple of years my entire life.

    Is it going to be different this time? I really wish I knew.

    Anyway, food today:

    B - coffee with double cream

    S - plain greek yoghurt with artificial sweetener and vanilla extract

    L - tuna, peppers and mushroom fried in coconut oil with a little curry powder.

    S - frankfurter, brie and a mug of tea

    D - cold roast pork with tomatoes, salad and mayo

    S - hard boiled egg with salad

    Eaten quite a bit today but still feel sort of hungry and definitely cranky. Hopefully that will pass in a couple of days when I get all those illegal carbs out of my system...:rolleyes:
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  3. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Your sins will find you out - weighed in a couple of days early because I was curious to see what my Sunday splurge had done, and I was up a pound and a half :rolleyes:

    And, oddly enough, I'm actually feeling worse today than I did yesterday - bloated, lethargic, tetchy....not good. I practise fasting from time to time so I did consider doing one for 24hrs to let my body sort itself out a bit, but I'm probably not in the right frame of mind at the moment. If I'm still feeling off by Thursday I'll maybe do it then.

    B - coffee with double cream, 2 eggs scrambled with butter, 1 frankfurter

    L - tuna, yellow pepper and mushroom fried in coconut oil with curry powder (gone nuts for this just lately - no idea why!)

    S - greek yoghurt with sweetener and vanilla, tea

    D - pork with tomatoes and buttered broccoli

    S - blue stilton
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  4. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Evening Scrumbles... You've done well but just wondering what the curry powder and frankfurters carb content is? I put loads of spices in a dish I did last week and I was amazed at the carb content...

    Good luck with your journey x
  5. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Curry powder has carbs??? Ooops.....

    Welcome Scrumble - and good luck, it's a nice bunch here so yell out if you have any questions :)
  6. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Yay...visitors! I should have had some low-carb nibbles ready! :D

    Thanks for stopping by, folks...good to have like-minded company on the journey!

    @Alpaca, the frankfurters are made by Herta and they have 0.7g carbs each. I have all the details plugged into Fitday so that they're accounted for. I try not to eat too many of them per week as I know processed meat isn't the best, but I really like them in my scramble, and as a quick snack. I hadn't checked on the curry powder (yikes!) but I went to Schwartz' web site and they say 1tbspn has 0.8g carbs for the one I use, and I only put half a teaspoon in (it's hot and I'm a wimp!:p), so I think I dodged a bullet there, lol. Thanks for asking or I wouldn't have thought about it!

    @ladyfelsham, carbs in curry powder was news to me too, lol. I tend to just chuck herbs and spices in things without thinking most of the time (oops!).

    I will certainly make some noise when I need to know something (I'm practically a beginner compared to a lot of folk on here :eek:) and by all means tell me when I'm eating stuff I shouldn't - I get a bit forgetful sometimes!
  7. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    I stuck cardamom and star anize in stuff and when I checked they all contain carbs ... As long as they are accounted for I'm guessing they are better than having SF carby stuff ...

    Ooh! Nibbles next time please lol xx
  8. TahjmansMum

    TahjmansMum Full Member

    Hi Scrumbles, good luck on your weight loss journey.
  9. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hi, TM - thanks, and good luck for your journey too! :D

    Feeling better today - mind you, that's probably because the sun is shining and I've been outside basking in it :cool:

    Menu looks like -

    B - coffee with cream, 2 eggs scrambled plus an ounce of cheddar

    L - fried mushrooms and shallots with tuna

    S - greek yoghurt with sweetener and a few strawberries (heaven!) mug of tea

    D - smoked mackerel with tomatoes and herb salad

    S - Blue Stilton (I may not have this - depends if I get peckish this evening!)

    Wondering what televisual torture I will put myself through this evening: Tuesday night was the Hairy Bikers' Bakeation , a non-stop bread and cake fest!:eek: Why do I do this to myself? :confused: :rolleyes:

    Then I watched Supersize v. Superskinny on C4, just so I could educate myself on the terrors of eating FAT :rolleyes:. I somehow don't think Dr Christian would approve of how I'm losing weight :p. ​Heh.
  10. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Evening Scrumbles... Love you menu! Hope you have a great evening xx
  11. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hi Alpaca, thanks! Have to say, I am not much of a cook - I think this plan would be a lot easier if I were more of a foodie - but I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner: Chicken Tarragon, my absolute favourite meal:D

    It's just so easy. Take a whole chicken and put a mix of butter, garlic and dried tarragon in the body cavity, roast it, then 15 minutes from the end of the cooking time pour a couple of tablespoons of brandy over it and ignite, then pour about 100mls of double cream over it and finish cooking. The meat just melts off the bone, and the sauce is to die for. I can't wait! :D

    Menu so far:

    B - coffee with cream, 2 eggs scrambled with butter, 1 frankfurter

    L - mackerel with tomatoes and salad

    S - strawberries and greek yoghurt, mug of tea

    D - Chicken Tarragon with steamed kale

    Just realised I always forget to mention water. I drink about 70-80 fl oz per day, which includes what I have as coffee and tea. (I know some people consider that only plain water is water, but I believe it all counts)

    I think I finally got back into ketosis yesterday - 3 days after my Easter binge - because I was as thirsty as could be and had to keep going to the loo, which is how I was at the beginning of Induction. I'm back to normal today, so with any luck things are on track again. This is never a good time of year for me diet-wise as there are 3 family birthdays and Easter (which is a big deal in terms of food in my family), all in the space of a month! If I get through it only gaining a pound or so, I think I'll have done well. Fortunately, there are no more celebrations until August now, so I have no excuses...:cool::D
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  12. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Morning Scrumbles ... Yum to the chicken!! That sounds amazing and I must give it a whirl !! Hope you have a good day xxx
  13. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Morning - ditto on the chicken, sounds lovely.

    And well done for getting back into K - it can be really difficult avoiding bad stuff with all those family things, plus Easter! :)
  14. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hi guys, it was yummy :D Not something I'd have every day, but lovely when I do.

    More scrambled eggs for breakfast - I think I'm in a bit of a breakfast rut! When I started the diet back in November I was all about the bacon for breakfast, but then I started thinking that maybe I ought to be a little more sparing with the processed stuff, and I've not had it since January. Time to dig a packet out of the freezer, I reckon.

    Thinking of making mushroom soup for lunch. I used to make soup all the time, but unfortunately none of my soup recipes were Atkins Induction-friendly (lentils, potatoes,, no!) and I didn't go looking for any new ones. The mushroom soup just happened because I had a pack that was going out of date, so I threw them in a pan with some butter, shallots, chicken stock and thyme, whizzed it all up with my stick blender, added a couple of tablespoons of cream and it was lovely. Might chuck some of the leftover chicken in this time, since I have it...though I was going to curry that for our evening meal, so maybe not. Decisions, decisions.... I think I could do with being a little more planned if I'm honest :eek:

    B - coffee and cream, scrambled eggs with cheese

    L - mushroom soup

    S - cheese (Cheddar and Edam)

    D - curried chicken with steamed kale

    Didn't feel very well by dinnertime and ended up giving a lot of my chicken to OH :( Won't have had enough protein for the day, or enough to eat in general, but hopefully I'll feel normal again tomorrow.
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  15. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Now know why I felt rubbish - TOTM :rolleyes:. I have "self-medicated" with 14g of Green and Blacks 85% dark chocolate and feel much better now :cool:.

    I lost that pound and a half I put on midweek, so I'm recording a stayed-the-same weight for this week, which isn't really surprising considering what I got up to last weekend(!) Hopefully when I'm through TOTM the scale will move again - I really want to get into the 13's as I feel I've been hovering near them for a while now.

    Today's food:

    B - coffee with cream and G&B chocolate, 2 eggs scrambled with butter, 1 frankfurter

    L - tuna with fried yellow pepper and shallot, large mug of green tea

    S - greek yoghurt with vanilla

    D - steamed salmon with buttered savoy cabbage

    S - Edam cheese
  16. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    The joys of being a woman, eh?! :)

    Meals sound very yummy, especially the soup - I love mushrooms :)
  17. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hi LF, it's a danged nuisance and no mistake. I'm never more likely to self-sabotage than at TOTM, even on Atkins which generally does such a good job of keeping things on an even keel. It's the only time I suffer from any kind of craving, hence the G&B chocolate.

    Still, I feel lots better this morning - no desire for the chocolate - so hopefully I'm back to normal (as normal as I ever am, anyway :p:D).

    Haven't quite planned my food for the day because I'm in two minds about dinner. I still have chicken to use up from the other night (might chilli it), but I quite fancy making an Atkins meatloaf (not had much red meat lately). Decisions, decisions...

    B - coffee with cream, 2 eggs scrambled with butter, 1 frankfurter

    L - mackerel (tinned, in olive oil), tomatoes, tea

    S - Edam

    D - curried chicken with steamed broccoli
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  18. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi Scrumbles, good to find your diary. Welcome and good luck continuing with this wonderful way of eating:)
  19. Scrumbles

    Scrumbles Silver Member

    Hi Kat1e,

    Thanks for stopping by - visitors always welcome :D

    Truth to tell, this way of eating doesn't seem so wonderful to me right now :(. I'm feeling a lot worse today than I did the last couple of days - I'm almost wondering if there's something more going on than the usual. Mostly I feel sick as a dog, but in between times I seem to be craving carbs like crazy, which isn't normal for me at all.

    My rational brain knows that this is a temporary state of affairs, but that doesn't make it any easier to handle. :sigh:

    Anyway, haven't fallen off the wagon yet :-

    B - coffee with cream, scrambled eggs

    L - greek yoghurt and vanilla

    D - sausages with broccoli and carrots

    S - cheese of some kind

    edit - the day's picking up a bit. Had a crafty weigh this morning and I'm down half a pound, so maybe I'll shift some more weight this week. Would really love to be in the 13's by May...
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  20. TahjmansMum

    TahjmansMum Full Member

    I think I will join you with that mushroom soup. Sounds yummy. I have looked at a few cartons/tins of soup but the carb contents are all really high.
  21. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hope you are feeling better:)

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