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Second attempt at SW

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by PotterMrs, 22 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    Hi all, I first started Slimming World in June 2011 weighing 15st 11lbs, I did amazingly well, losing over 4stone and was a stone off calling target when I decided to pack it in - I had this idea that I could save money and do it alone from home, how wrong I was! In such a short space of time, my clothes began getting tighter again, and on weighing myself I had put on 3stone! I ended up sending a text to my old consultant asking if I could come back, I felt like a kid who had been naughty, like i was going to be told off! On 28th Feb 2013, I walked through the doors of my old SW group and my consultant greeted me with open arms, so again I began my SW journey, with a new starting weight of 14st 9lb. I am now at a 3stone loss since rejoining, yes iv had my ups and downs- Xmas, new year, holidays, birthdays - who doesn't have time off then!? And most recently suffered due to illness which put my weightloss on hold, but I'm back on plan, and determined to get to target for Christmas!
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  3. Als71

    Als71 Full Member

    Hi, 3 stone is fantastic.

    I too got pretty much to target then decided to go it alone. Put weight back on when I went back to work after mat leave and I've tried lots of times since. It's a great plan and I lose well when I'm "on it" but I really struggle getting back on when I fall off!

    I'm just rejoining now and feeling super motivated but there's always gonna be ups and downs. Would love to hear your top tips for sticking at it?
  4. Pammy2013

    Pammy2013 Member

    Hi girls :) I joined last we'd nite and my weight in is tomorrow at 7/30, am loving this plan, after failing at juice diets ECt, slimming world is amazing as u can eat and that's the main thing :) all the best my beautiful slimmers keep me posted please, if anyone wish to email me as a buddy let me no xx love pammy xxx
  5. Target12

    Target12 Full Member

    Good luck tonight pammy. Let us know how you get on. There's a Wednesday weighers thread too. I'm joining tonight :)
  6. Pammy2013

    Pammy2013 Member

    Thank you xxx
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