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second step taken - deflated.

Hi all, well...........took the first step and contacted LLC. Second step was to go and meet her for a one to one............here's what happened.

Met the LLC for what I thought was a one to one, when I went in, there was around 9 other woman. LLC put on a dvd/vid and we watched - a few questions, then the bomb-shell...........no class until first/second week of MAY :eek: I could have burst into tears :cry:I think I made it clear that I wasn't happy, as were other woman.....however, I also know that LLC can't just fit it in just now, or she would have.....I have left mighty peed off at the thought of being utterly miserable for another 5 weeks :( Hubby tried to be happy for me that I went, and said it wasn't too long too wait - I was really nasty to him and told him he didn't know what he was talking about.........:eek: poor man, I feel so bad about that.

So, what I thought was going to be l light at the end of the tunnel has turned into 'what the heck can I eat to make me feel a bit better'

Lots of love,
Sharon x:wave_cry:
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I had exactly the same with my counsellor, the only other option you have is to try another counsellor around your area. This may mean that you have to travel further. I had a 4 week wait to start but it was worth it


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Turn it into a positive hun, use these "waiting" weeks to reduce your carb intake, up your water intake and when you start on the packs you will slip easily and painlessly into Ketosis which will make the transition from food to non-food so much more easier xxxx


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you could always try cd or the one from the chemist to tied you over .Then when you start LL you will get your group councling so not to long to wait ,I know that this is a major part of LL and very important for some peeps xxxx


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Good advice Eclipse - if you lower your carb intake slowly over the next 5 weeks, you won't have an carb withdrawal symptoms (such as headache), increasing your water intake now will make the 4 litre per day minimum you need seem so much easier without the sudden "Oh my god, how am I gonna drink all that??"

I wish I had had 5 weeks to lower my carb intake and increase my water!!

Good luck
Whoops Sharon, sad that you couldnt start right away, its annoying when your mind is in full flow, but as the others said, lower your carb intake and you will be away.

Once you start you will be amazed at how quickly time passes.

Good luck and keep posting you will learn a lot from us peeps.;)


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how far away is another LL counciller from you? xx
keep your chin up .... I had to wait a few weeks from when i decided i wanted to do it, was really fed up but the time really did fly by.

sounds like good advice from everyone about lowering your carb intake...wish i'd have done that.

good luck


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If you feel so ready for it then it might be worth doing Lipotrim for a month - the flavours are more limited but it would be worth it to be able to start sooner.
you could try cambridge diet, ive heard they make the sachets for lighter life and its half the price, 34 50 each week, and i prefer the 1to1 with the councillor, id feel embarrassed talking about myself and why i overeat in front of a group, ive lost 21lb in 5 weeks on cd
a million thanks

Thanks so much for your positive posts everyone. :) It's nice to know I have many friends in the land of cyber world :D

Lowering my carbs and getting the water intake sounds like a great idea, so shall get straight to that. I don't feel as bad about it all as I did earlier. And it's most certainly not the LLC fault - it's just when you sike yourself up......to wait..LOL

Earlier on I thought - bugger this, may as well eat, then I felt like utter crap and thought....NO, STOP!:eek: So, am going to be good. I won't weigh myself, threw the scales out as I was obsessed with them for years....so won't know if I loose, but even if I feel positive that is good.

Lost of love,
Sharon x


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Good on you Sharon - stay positive and you'll find this whole process a hell of a lot easier.
I had the same situation - I went to meet my LLC in July only to find the next class she was doing was September! I was so cross!! In the end, I think it was the best thing that could have happened though as I spent those weeks getting myself prepared emotionally for the journey ahead and I think it was one of the reasons that my Lighterlife journey was so successful. I'm now in week 5 of RtM with a BMI of 21.5. Try not to let it get you down but I really do remember the feeling!
Best wishes,


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One thing I would say about cutting down on carbs, drinking more water etc and generally preparing well for the diet, is that you may not have big losses in the first week or so.
So don't be disappointed if that happens.
Good luck, and keep posting here on the run up to D-day. Get a ticker set up. You can get some good tips from on here for when you start.

I only had to wait 2 weeks to start but was very impatient about it, but like linze I am also on RTM, week 9. It really is worth waiting for.

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Hi Shazzy

Don't be too discouraged - this time youh ave good be to your best advantage.

I had 8 weeks before I could start my group as I wanted to join at Christmas time which was a busy time for my LLC. I used that time to mentally prepare myself, which I believe is absolutely key to success. I found during that time I was really getting sick of eating. I actaully loast a pound over Christmas and that was not even being on the plan.....thats how fed up with food I had gotten.

AS said, it gives you time to not only mentally prep, but cutting down on carbs and getting used to water will only help you. I was lucky - I had only one or two days where I felt low on energy - I did not have the ketosis headache, etc., it was just an easy and exciting transition.

Use the time wisely and it will pay you off in big rewards.
:sign0144:Woohoo1 First post, I've been lurking around here for a couple of weeks absorbing as much imformation and inspiration as possible. Your all doing amazingly well by the way.

I'm in the exact same position as you. I went for my introduction on 23rd of Feburay and was told I'd have to wait 8 weeks to start! Can't wait to get going now, two weeks today!

Not really got anything to add, just getting excited/nervous, it'll be worth the wait. :D


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Welcome Audreyclaire - good luck on the diet - you'll do so well, as will you Shazzy. Just remember one thing both of you - if you are having a bad day, don't head for the kitchen, head straight for your computer and minimins (unless your computer is in the kitchen, but then avoid the fridge and cupboards!!)


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Very little to add to what the others have said, other than that depending on how your local surgery works, it'll probably be another 2 weeks before your medical questionnaire is done by your doctor, so by then it'll only be a short time to start proper.

All the best,

Deb G

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I agree re the carb in take thing - start reducing it now and you will find week one much easier than the others. You'll also have lost a little bit of weight and got used to eating less. Also, get the book "Eating Less" by Gillian Riley so you can start training your mind and opening yourself up to new ways of thinking about food addiction.

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