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Hello - i thought that it might be helpful to start a diary. Write down all my thoughts and feelings etc.

So i had my first weeks weigh in on wednesday and i was really pleased to discover that i had managed to lose 3 pounds. Its a little less than i was hoping for, but then i've always gone for the starvation diets that see you lose like seven pounds in one week and put on eight the next.
I can't believe how nervous i was, i was dreading the though of actually not losing anything or worse still actually gaining (which is what i've heard can happen). I actually didn't have any dinner on wed in the hope that it would actually help me, which was a really stupid thing to do. I'm so focused on wanting to lose the weight as quickly as possible, even though i know if you lose the weight slowly your less likely to put it back on again in the future. I felt as though there was loads of pressure on me in my first week to actually lose, its kinda like i didn't want to be the only one in my class that actually gained you know. But anyway now that thats over, and i lost weight, i'm just going to focus on losing the weight slowly, and enjoying the process of seeing my body change.
Too be honest i was surprised to have lost anything at all, the way the extra easy plan works is so unlike anything that i've ever done before.
I am really liking the way it works, and the things that i am able to eat. The only hiccup that i had was on saturday, myself and my boyfriend were in town, and we usually just grab something quick like, a sandwich, greggs, or whatever. I hadn't thought about it and couldn't think of anything that i could have that didn't involve me sitting down to eat, or me looking like a complete nutcase in town. The thing with me is that i don't necessarily like everyone to know that i'm on a diet. I just want to be able to eat like everyone else, just a bit healthier, so the thought of grabbing a chicken leg, ripping of the skin and munching my way through that whilst picking through a bag of salad wasn't really what i had in mind. I think i would look like a total fruit loop.
I just wanted to be able to grab a sandwich (or whatever) and look 'normal'. Only as i said i hadn't prepared properly and was about half way to having a total melt down in the middle of boots.
Eventually i just grabbed some sushi, as i had flash back to reading something about sushi being low in syns (although i didn't know how many it contained). I was able to stand outside and eat it, without anyone looking at me strangely.
To be honest i just felt really miserable, and just thought 'oh here's another unsastanable diet' you know the type that are easy to follow at home, but as soon as you get into the real world there just impossible.
When i got home, i got on the internet and found a list of shop branded things that i could choose from when i'm next in town - the thing is that we haven't always got time to stop somewhere to sit down, had this been the case it would have been fine 'cos i could have had a jacket potato or something. I copied this list and also put it on my itouch so i can just quickly scroll through.
We went to town again this afternoon, and i'm pleased to say that i had no problems and had a boots shapers king prawn and noodle salad for 3 syns. So i'm happy again.
It kinda made me think about some of the other diets that i had been on and how it's little wonder that i wasn't able to last very long on them, and also how in many cases i managed to gain more weight on them then i did eating rubbish. Although i was intially caught on the hop, with a little research i was able to eat from a wide variety of foods without feeling deprived or having to wait until i got home or whatever. Which is what makes me think that this time i will lose all the weight, and that i will keep it off successfully.
As it was my birthday on thursday, my lovely boyfriend is taking me out for dinner at the local Harvester. I probablay won't drink anything 'cos things just tend to go down hill when that happens, but i'm intending on having a grilled steak, with a plain jacket potato, and salad. Which i'm really looking forward to.
Oh i also brought my first pair of running shoes so i'm going to start running as well on monday - something i'm not looking forward to. God the last time i tried i wasn't able to walk for 3 days, all my muscles cramped up and i was literally hobbling around - not a good look.

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Hi and welcome. It was really interesting reading this and well done for thinking about what your danger points are and working out how you're going to tackle them. That's a hugely positive thing to do and many people never bother! So it sounds like your head is in the right place and I know that you're going to do really well as a result.