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Second weigh in...advice please


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Hmmm wellllll second weigh in this morning....I appear to have Stayed The Same. :confused: :confused: :confused: Actually possibly 0.5lb loss BUT I didn't write down the weight after decimal point last week, I just took note of the full lbs, so I don't want to say for sure.

I think to be honest it must just be due to a night out last weekend I had? I have stuck to things this week. (night out had been arranged for ages and was tapas + wine!)

I think I have some confusion over the extra 5 points I get for breastfeeding though too...I often don't eat them but maybe I really do need to?? Any advice anyone reading this?? 26 points just seems loads though!?

Either way I am not too disheartened, because actually I was very surprised to have a 5lb loss last week, normally in the past when I have started diets before (Scottish Slimmers), the first week my body never loses, but the second week I get a much bigger loss...it seems to go into catch up mode lol! I appear to have done that in reverse this time?!

I am going to try and devise/invent new meals too over the next few weeks, and things like puddings and stuff - I love food and before long I know what I am like on these things, lose interest cos I feel denied of things! I am determined this time that won't happen! I really need to try and get the latest Shop and Eating Out Guide books though I think to help me....

Either way, I haven't put anything on anyway, this week I shall do more exercise too and continue with the plan. Onwards and um, downwards eh..!?
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Well done so far.

It is difficult, and I know how you feel - I have been yoyoing ... and I have until mid September to lose another stone and half ... a steady 2 lbs a week that is.

I am going to try and gym as often as I can, and swim aswell.
With regards to the food - I find that when I eat a lot of hot food (jacket potato etc etc) throughout the day (say lunch and dinner) I dont lose as much as if I was to have say fruit and a sandiwich for lunch and hot food for dinner? I think its probably about what I am choosing though. Its difficult!!

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