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second weigh in


Rebel without a calorie
I feel the same today. I weigh myself too often but decided this week to go for just 2 weigh ins. Just done my mid week and was also disappointed at only 1lb. However, when weighing daily I noticed that one day I would sts, the next I might gain and then I would lose 2lbs. So it really is true about fluctuating. Don't let it get you down. I have also been reading peoples signatures and so many have sts or lost only 1lb to then lose 5 or 6lbs the following week.
Chin up. It's supposed to be about 1 stone per month and with your fab 1st week loss it needs to even itself out some weeks.
When you started were you happy at the thought of losing a stone in your first month? That means in the next 2 weeks you only need to lose 3lbs to reach that goal x
Dont be disheartened Sandy - the second week is always a bit of a let down as the first week is so good it almost puts our minds into a hope that its going to be 10lbs+ every week. A 1lb is a 1lb at the end of the day, its one 1lb closer to your goal and its better than being a 1lb heavier.

Its possible your body has finally clicked that you are determined to do this and is hanging on for dear life - rest assured those fat cells are being burnt and it will show on the scales eventually. I know is hard, but please dont feel bad...you have done so well!!

When I did the cambridge diet, I had 3weeks of losing 2lbs a week..it really irritated me and I began to feel disheartened as I was so used to losing 4lbs-5lbs a week. Then one week I lost 6lbs!!

I like to think of it has a big production factory - the Mr Ks are busy burning our fat cells for us, but sometimes the lasy extractors decide to take a break and dont get the product out fast enough!! The fat cells are going, its just not showing on the scales hun!!

Keep drinking that water hun, help your body to wash away those fat cells!!


Are We There Yet?
Hi Sandy

I once read on a low carb forum, that when we lose weight fast, sometimes our body screams no!!! Then it fills the fast cells with water. That water can't stay for long and you will have a woosh!

So, I understand why you feel down. But a loss is still better that a gain or a sts. I know that wont make you feel better. The extreme nature of VLCD makes you feel that you should be losing fantastic amounts every week.

I agree with the other two ladies. Some great points :)

Please keep your chin up and keep going. You are a star!

The other thing is, you do not have tonnes to lose like people like me, so you may have weeks that are just a little loss. But it will all balance itself out in the end.

Well done on 11lbs in 2 weeks!:)


A New Woman
Hey Angel, remember that this is only the second week out of four. You are looking to lose a stone in a month on average so after that huge loss in week 1, it is so highly likely that your losses will drop.
Try to keep the overall picture in perspective...you still have 2 weeks to lose 2lbs and crack that goal. 2lbs in 2 weeks you can do that!!! if you lose anymore than that, then it's a bonus.
I say this because that's what kept me going last time - I have an excellent loss in the 1st week and then it's a pattern of measly losses, stalls and some gains.

When that happens, I start trying on clothes cos the scales sometimes just aren't the whole story.

Don't lose heart - keep going hun xxx


Full Member
please please please dont let this get you down, you are doing so well and remember to consider these facts:

- you have been 100% so you know for certain this weight loss will catch up with you within this month

- on total solution you will loose 1 stone a month so dont get too hung up on weekly weigh-ins, think of the bigger picture 1 stone a month is what were going for, not any set amount each week!

- and finally- you are still a 12lb loss in a 2 week time frame- think of that progress, 2lb off a stone in just 2 weeks :)

i lost only 2lb last week and felt like you- but in the grand sceme of things were still doing fantastic! (and i jumped on the scales the next morning and had lost another 2lb :)) dont get down hearted- those scales are gonna keep moving so keep up the good work
Sandy, 12lb in 2 weeks is amazing. Ok this week you feel disappointed, but perspective is needed. In the past I have sabotaged my efforts all too easily by comparing my losses with other people, by being disappointed by sts, small losses, or even gains.
Thinking what's the point, I'm not losing as fast as others or as fast as I want to. The reality is we have to stick with it through good weeks (of which I'm sure there will be many), bad weeks both in dieting terms and life! The alternative is to give up, gain more weight, stay hiding - you are a strong & determined woman & you can do this. You were such a positive influence on me during the first week - I struggled & could have given up completely & you helped me realise that I can do this. We won't all lose the same every week, in spite of our efforts; but we will all get to the finishing line if we really want to.
Aww hun don't feel down, losing a stone in two weeks is amazin!!! keep motivated and just tinkg of yourself meeting your goal and being able to wear smaller sized clothes :)..u can do it we are all in this togerther..wel i will be once i get around to ordering my exante package lol...trust me i would be over the moon if i could lose as much as u have done so far....

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