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Secret CD'er Dilema

I, for one reason or another, am doing CD on the quiet (not least because everyone looks at me like I'm on the Cocaine and Party Diet when I tell them). This poses a problem this saturday as I've got a 75th B'Day meal to go to. I'm also a vegi.

Do you think a plain omlette and salad will cause havok?
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I too am doing this on the quiet. It's my boyfriends birthday on sunday and we're going out for a family walk followed by a pub lunch. I think they'll suss me out when i refuse alcohol though i can get around that. They won't however believe me if i'm "not hungry" (if anything they will point and laugh) So, i was thinking, would chicken salad be ok?
If you want to stay in ketosis, then definitely no/low carb food. Omelette will keep you in ketosis, but is fried so will be calorific.

What do vegetarian Atkins dieters eat?

Hopefully you will lose so much weight soon that you won't be able to keep the diet a secret, but will be telling everyone how fab it is!


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I would advise you to have nothing..just push the food around a bit. Honestly, no one will notice. OR....day you have the runs, that always shuts people up!


can't fault dancings advice!

But when some of my people are up against this very situation I usually counsel that a carbless meal is more important than the actual calories. So omlette would be fine as would a cheese salad. Ok it may take the total daily cals over the 800 mark but,it is only for the one day.

If discretion is vital & you're a veggie I can't think of much else to suggest.Most other veggie options would kick you out of ketosis before you can say 'aubergine-lasagne or chargriiled veg au gratin'

good luck!

the alcohol is certainly easier

' I'm off it for a bet'
' I've got a bit of a hangover from last night'
'I'm driving'
'It's against my new religion'
'I thikn I may be pregnant'
even '
'it's part of my new healthy eating plan'

good luck
I'd go for the low card option, making it as low fat as possible.

If you are eating out, what about a caeser salad, or order a standard veggie mea with Veg and potatios and leave the potatos.

If it's a buffet, then load up on salad etc. I have (once at a friends house for lunch:rolleyes:) had quiche, but only ate the middle. I fed the pastry to my son:D

Obviously if you are eating a meal out it's easier to just go with something suitable, but I'm sure you'll be fine with a buffet if you choose to eat.

As for drinking, either drive, or say you're on antibiotics. Something innocuous like a Urine Infection is a good excuse as no-one can actually see the problem, and it's embarressing enough not to encourage further conversation:D


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You aren't on your own doing this on the quiet. Lots of us do for many reasons.

A friend of mine doing CD SS+ eats out regularly and always has some meat and salad based thing.
She's lost about 3 stone in 3 months.

Have a nice time out whatever you have.


How did you get on?


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I'm doing it on the quiet too, told one person at work and yes, for the same reason you do to!

I think just plain salad would be a good option also.
when i have to eat out i just order chicken salad (unless im in a bad mood then i have whatever i want!) i've lost every week so far and always get straight back on the diet once the meal is over, as for not drinking i just have diet coke and say i'm on anti biotics so can't drink, hope it went/goes well and good luck!!
this amuses me slightly, if i hadn't told my friends and family (which i didn't til week 4) then went for a meal and ordered a salad they would think it every bit as strange, if not stranger that if i claimed an upset tummy and ate nowt! Speaks voumes about my eating habits of the past eh?

great news :)


Brilliant thanks!! I had a mushroom omlette with no butter or cheese or milk and loads of salad. AND went on to do my WI this morning and managed 9lbs down on my first WI :D:D:D

I'm tempted to suggest you do the same every week if this is the sort of result!
...& no-one suspected CD?


So its Tiffers-CD 1 : sceptical bystanders 0 then!

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