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Secret Dieters??

:wavey:hey everyone! im new to the website but a professional dieter! found the forums thru a google search and thought this wud be a great place to find like minded people and support!

Im a secret dieter!....please tell me theres others out there??!:sign0163:

dont u think its just easier to say 'no thanks just eaten' than 'no thanks im on a diet' and suffer the lectures with it?!?!

im sick of everyone thinkin they kno whats best for me!...im tryin to loose my last stone and a half but i always get the 'you dont need to loose anymore weight' garbage!....well, 5 words...YOU DNT SEE ME NAKED!

my goal was to loose 4 stone....i lost 3 stone last year on the CD and got down to the weight i am at now, everyone was so full of compliments and i felt amazing even tho i hadnt yet reached my goal weight! but then christmas came and the summer and i managed to gain 10Ibs!!! so i decided to go back on the CD and loose that 10Ibs and the final stone and a half i initially aimed to! just this time im not tellin my friends....the family knos of course! i managed to keep it a secret while loosin the 10Ibs lets hope i can continue!:)
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Hi Virgo and welcome. I'm on my last stone and a half and I'm sick of the comments like you mention. I still look overweight in my underwear so until I'm happy I'm going to continue. Good luck on your journey and keep us all posted on your progress........well done on what you've lost so far...You've done fab.
thank u! congratulations to u too! i guess we're both at the same point....that last stubborn stone and a bit! lol had a really bad night yesterday cudnt get cravings for ben and jerrys out my head! went to bed with a rumbly tummy and dreamed of icecream! im so pleased i dint give in....i live on my own so ther is never any food in the house except diet stuff but tesco express is right next door so it took all my will power to resist! hopefully today will be a better day!....just gotta keep busy!! hehe xx


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Well done for sticking with it and resisting the evil B&J's. Imagine how you'd feel today if you'd gave in. I'm really struggling this time. I had a break in December for my hols and have only just got my head round doing ssing again, but oh my goodness I'm finding it tough. Don't remember it being this hard last tme. xx
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ah well done to you thats fab i get that all the time and people that dont know CD telling me it doesnt work bla bla bla but we're all on here and helping eachother because we're all working towards the same goal! So dont be a stranger that why we're here


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Thanks hun. I think I'm going to do SS+ or 790 as was. I think I'll be more likely to stick to it 100%. I needed to get in ketosis first though, then I wouldnt be tempted to cheat, but now I'm definitely in Ketosis then I think I'm going to add chicken etc....just to keep my sanity. My Councellor didn't have any information about it though. Hopefully next week she'll have some info for me. I'll SS til then.

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