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secret to will power and determinaton

OK i WANT to be slim healthy and happy but just keep sabotaging myself.

Last week was my first week back at sw and i had a wonderful 4.5 off. however from weigh in on monday i am well and truly wayyyyy off the wagon and just cant seem to get back on.

so what makes you determined and have willpower.

I gave up a 25 a day habit 8 years ago it was a cake walk compared to weight loss!
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Although as yet I havent started my diet, I guess my determination will be that perhaps one day I can look in the mirror and not feel disgust at what I have let myself become, a very overweight lady who struggles to do something as simple as a bike ride..... xx
I'm a stubborn person normally but this is beating me at the minute! I'm gonna put it behind me and start afresh tomorrow and accept my fate on monday. I didn't become an elephant over night and I guess it's just gonna take time and patience to get it off


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I've always "wanted" to lose weight but never "needed" to up until it began to effect my life in such an awful way that it made my reeeeally unhappy.

Denial is great when you're in it, you can pretend things aren't that bad but for me it just got to a stage not only where I was becoming physically incapable but mentally and emotionally the torment I was putting myself through was too much.

I comfort ate my way through the last 7 years and gained 10 stone. I used food to make me feel better and because I felt so awful about me and a crappy relationship I just carried on eating and eating.

It was only really through having had enough of being treated like crap and feeling like crap that this time I NEED to make a difference.

I don't want to be this way any more, I don't want to hide my feelings behind food and feel like I'm not good enough, because I am. My whole life needs to change and part of beginning that change for me, is losing weight and getting back to the girl I used to be.
Missus that's great that you've turned your life around. I over eat to cope with stress and have done from I was about 15 to cope with my mothers illness. It's now 20 years later and no better. I joined last year at my heaviest of 16.5 stone!!!! I got down to 13.8 and fell off the wagon til I rejoined last week at 14.13. I also suffer from depression so that doesn't help! But these are all just excuses and reasons I give myself to let me off the hook. I hope to be back 100% from tomorrow as id like a stone off for the end of July when I take my wee ones to Thomas land and Alton towers! I know I won't be thin but I'll feel better in myself.

Sorry for the rant ;)


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Make yourself a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, give yourself clear tangible benefits to work towards like feeling fitter and healthier. Also give yourself a set goal like reaching a certain size or certain weight. Break it down into smaller chunks if you have a lot to lose.

Its all well and good wanting to lose weight, but i also think its so important to have a plan of how to do it. I do things like make sure i have plenty of choice of healthy foods in the house, dont buy high syn foods, have my lunch made the night before, and set a target of how much exercise i want to do that week. This helps me stick with it.
I haven't officially started the Slimming World diet yet but I have been dieting for a few months now and I have lost 21lbs... They haven't all been good days that is for sure but the way I motivate myself is I try to not to consider myself as 'deprived of anything!'
I have always been a crisp eater and that is my weakness but if in the evening whilst watching tv I still fancy a bag of crisps I have a bag but I just choose a slightly healthier option than I would of done before ie a bag of quavers or wotsits rather than a family sized bag of Sensations :479:

It is all about healthier choices and not necessarily cuting everything out! Treat yourself if you want it but never have more in your cupboards than your syns allow :party0051:

If you still feel like you are missing motivation come on here and tell people and I am sure you will soon feel better x
Its amazing how many of us have food issues - I have had an eating disorder for 25 years and SW has helped me beat it for the last 3 weeks. Not long I know but a start I am proud of x


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One of the things I picked up from my Personal trainer, is "stop telling yourself 'I want to lose weight' at mealtimes and instead start telling yourself 'I want to eat healthy food'". since losing weight can sometimes feel negative when you feel like you're not making progress, but eating healthily is something which you achieve straight away (or not).

He also said "Eat to live, don't live to eat".. which was fairly thought-provoking to me, and made me think about my attitude to food as part of my life. Since then I've been trying (and not always succeeding) not to base my level of happiness on whether what I eat is what i really, really want to eat, but just to take the attitude that eating is another routine part of life like waking up and going to work. My motivation seems to be highest when I find something else to "live for" which isn't food, and it goes down when i spend the whole day thinking about all the stuff which I haven't eaten for a while.

I'm sure its different for different people, but for me the bottom line was that its all in the mind, and it takes time and discipline to train your mind not to think about food all the time... I just haven't quite cracked that yet :rolleyes:
I seem to sabotage every weekend and it's getting very annoying in the week im so good then I see my boyfriend and he takes me out which is great but there is not much choice to stay on track and it is usually a Friday and Saturday we go out which leads to drinks! And the flexi syns come out to play

Ok so I don't need to loose much only 8-10lbs although I expect I still will not be happy.

So anyway my motivation.... I have been on a birthday drink and eating bender since Thursday and I feel awful I'm so bloated and feel heavy I cant keep doing it I suffer from ibs and when I stay on track I don't have many symptoms but when I go off like I have boy do I suffer!

My motivation is my health and the fact I want feel comfortable, it is very hard and I'm expecting to falloff the wagon again! But I'm going to have to sort somthing out at the weekends!

P.s I'm not an alcoholic it's just been my birthday and other people's birthdays hence the non stop


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Ive just bought a dress for my holiday a size too small so i need to fit into it. Anytime i feel like skipping a workout or cheating now i know i have to get into this dress and it stops me!
The only way I will succeed this time around is if I just thing about ME! Take last night for eg, we went to a friends 40th and there were some larger ladies their who looked lovely and ooozed confidence and being overweight wasn't an issue for them. I then get to thinking, erm, maybe I could be like that and so today, I have had a terrible SW day and am now kicking myself cos I don't want to look like this.

Its always the same, people bolster my confidence by saying, you look lovely, etc, etc and I think fine, I have my hair and nails done and don't see myself as fat but when I look in the mirror, I am disgusted at what I see.

So my motivation is not to think of others and look at a "healthy eating plan" and not dieting!!

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