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Security Blankets...


Fab & Fit For Florida
you know when you're little, you may have a security blanket...

well do you have an item of clothing which has been your security blanket...

(this probably sounds weird)

i was talking to a girl at work today and she said i was looking good (only started cd yesterday!)

anyway, she said to me "i'm so pleased you're not wearing that chunky belt anymore, cos it really did nothing for you"...

the thing is, i always wore that to cover my lumps, and it made me feel better, so many people have said since i stopped wearing it tho i look so much better....

this belt was my security blanket, i felt good in it...

do you have an item of clothing/accessory you feel safe in??? :)
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I've got the power
Oh absolutely, I wouldn't be seen dead in sleeveless tops without my crochet cardigan to cover my "bingo wings!"

Now I force myself not to wear it as I know that crochet tops just make your arms look chunkier - and I really don't need it anymore!


need to be old goofy me
i wear hoodie's as a security blanket


soon to be minnie mouse
ha ha i did have comfort clothing that i used to hide behind but happily they're now all too big so the charity shop can take comfort in them now


2nd Time Lucky!
My security blanket is a blanket lol
I always sit with a fleece over me on sofa to cover my belly cos for some reason I think its bigger when your sitting down :eek:

Other item of clothing is my coat that I wear rain or shine it covers me to mid thigh.

Cant wait to get rid of em!!! :)


Silver Member
I have a pair of joggy bottoms, they're a size 28, but I can pull the strings in so they stay up. I know they look ridiculous on my legs now, but I still don't have the heart to throw them away


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Not one specific thing...just a whole load of unflattering clothes that covered me from head to toe...lol. The best thing about losing weight is deffo buying nice clothes!


Step away from the chips!
I have a long grey t-shirt that i always reach for when i want the feeling that all my lumps bumps & rolls are camouflaged, topped off with a little charcoal bolero cardie, to hide the bingos.


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Hoodies are my comfort too. You certainly get some funny looks from people when it's 25C outside though. :rolleyes:


has started again!!
Baggy sweatshirts for me too, also tracky trousers. Not very attractive but then neither is whats in them! LOL!!

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