See what you look like thin!


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Hi All

My good friend, fellow miniminer Sabina72 sent me this link a few days ago and I can't stop playing with it!

You upload a photo and then tell it how much weight you want to lose and ........ it shows you what you will look like! It is ace

It works best with a forward facing clear picture of you- it's free and you don't have to give any details before you use it- just click and go!

Thanks again Sabina


WeightMirror - Weight loss simulation and makeover tool=
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Mrs V

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Ooo...I love it!


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Will have a look at this when I get home... yay!!!!


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Wow that's amazing. Very motivating!!


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ooh i cant wait to try it.....ive never been thin so have no idea what i will look like.....

i used to use my virtual model....which was fun! x


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Hilarious stuff, strange thing is though, on mine my nose seems to get bigger with my increasing weight loss, obviously my own warped perception of my face, haha!


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ha my arms stay 'fat'
also i would like to lost more than what its giving me the option of lol.but it's a good page all the same


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Does it just squish you in or does it look legitimately like you are thin? lol (I wish they had an 'in real life' version)


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My thin pic looks quite pretty.. apart from the massive arms + my eyebrows going out the side of my head..


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I know this thread is totally about something else, but does anyone know any free link for haircuts/styles/colors to suit you?


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I just did this and it cut my head in half, top was still fat and bottom half was thinner :D It still kept my double chin in there too :D haha