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Seeing doc

I'm seeing my doc today and asking if I can try xenical (he's suggested it before but I said no) I've been sticking to my diet for nearly ten months and have only lost 16lbs and I'm getting very disheartened. Hubby says it's still going the right way but I've just come back off holiday where I was mega good and did lots og walking - and gained a lb! I could've cried as I didn't even have an easter egg or anything!

Anyway- what I want to know is how you're finding xenical - is it helping - are the side effects bad - has the weight loss speeded up?

The side effects and embarrasing leakages are the most worrying for me! How do you cope?
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Forgot to mention

That I'm following the Slimming World diet - but I've stopped going to class and I'm going it alone (funds!)
- hubby weighs me in, weighs my food if I don't - yes he takes it off me! and cooks my planned meal if I'm wavering and is 100% encouraging!- he's worth his weight in gold!!
Hi Jeg!

I was also worried about the side effects but it's been almost a week since I started and so far i have not had any problems at all.... Just stay under 5% fat content and you will be fine :)

I haven't been weighted yet but I'm sure I will have lost weight because I have stuck to it and it's got to work! lol :)

I was on Xenical for a year and had a good weight loss. It's not a miracle tablet and it won't speed up your weight loss, but it will help you stick to a low fat diet ( mainly because if you don't stick to low fat, the yep, you'll get the dreaded orange oil :eek:).
Good luck and let us know how you get on :)
Same as Clare, I'm 10 days in with no side effects, I have not cheated so dont expect and side effects...

It has stopped me from having a nibble here and there and think carefully about what I'm shoving in my mouth! :D

Julie x
Hi Jeg, i feel it has speeded up my weight loss, probably because im not sneeking in extra treats and very wary of what im eating. I have only had the side effect once in 4 weeks but i had eaten crisps and birthday cake so know where i went wrong. It wasnt that bad i didnt have to run the toliet or anything. Best thing ive done , good luck Sharon x


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Hiya and welcome i am in my 3rd week with no nasty side effects, check labels and aslong as the fat content per 100grams is 5grams or less then its ok to eat and allow about 15grams of fat per meal.
This has worked for me, i go to the toilet daily and see the oil in it but have had no leakages no runs to the toilet or anything i go the same amount i used to before.

I feel it helps me make the right food choices and whilst its not a miracle pill i find it helps speed up mine as i certainly wont snack on junk where as on other diets i think oh 1 wont hurt!!
Hi Nat
my experience with xenical is like yours. You do have to put the hard work in but the weight loss makes it worth while. Ive never been as successful as this, hope im on a roll. Good luck wth your weight loss, it will be great when the sun is shinning and feeling slimmer and more confident Sharon x


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yeah i agree Sharon i would love to feel confident in summer outfits! x

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