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seeing my CDC for 1st time tonight and can't stop eating!

help!! has this happened to anyone else? I am seeing my CDC this evening and am starting tomorrow but i have had a big lunch and feel like i have get food in as i won't be having any for a while!! its almost funny, and i am not normally so bad!

has this happened to anyone else??? I am sure it means my first few days on CD will be hellish!
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Hi Leeds!!! You arent far from me, Im going over Sunday to get some stuff from Lush!!!

Now then, what you are doing isnt that un common, I'm sure I'll be corrected if I wrong, but its called "last supper syndrome" I do it every time I have a bash at SSing. I hate it and cant break the cycle.

It is your mind playing games and an automatic reaction is to eat, its being addicted to the desire to eat rather than the eating it self (Gilian Riley Overcome over eating book). If that makes sence.
Things you can do
1, Try to break that cycle, you are all set up to lose the weight, what is gonna happen by putting X Y Z is mouth, other than the diet will last longer.
2, Carry on and Dive straight in to SS, slug that water, head down and eyes on the prize.

My last bit if advice is when you near the end of your CD journey, please explore your Demons with food. Try and break the cycle of over eating, and also explore your mind. I sound like a fruit cake but believe me, its worth it x

PS, Im on my last SS, Im on Day 5, and I hope this will be my last ever time, I dont want to do this again, i want to be slim for ever x
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I just tried to increase my water but I was like you - I didn't stop eating till my first day but it was like flicking a switch and I had to stop eating.

The first couple of days were the worst and it does get a lot lot easier :D

Good luck for tomorrow
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hi i had a major blow out three days before starting dont know why but i did think i had to get mind and body into a kick up the bum, dont fret it is not as bad as it seems good luck tonight x
thanks everyone. it does actually feel like the last supper! LOL.

I am seeing CDC tonight and was gonna start CD on sunday but am so fed up of cramming in the food like its going out of fashion that I am gonna start the CD tomorrow instead.

Its like my brain is telling me to panic store food. anyway, my CDC will behere in a few hours and am looking forward to ending this cycle of eating and feeling bad.

thanks everyone
like francesmag said, stay away from the carbs if you can

because it could make your 1st few days hard.

ps, come on your saints for tomorrow, when we beat you leeds


please try again
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yep i did it too my first time on cambridge. went to the shops, picked out all the stuff i like and ate the lot and next day went onto cambridge determined
wish me luck guys, my CDC will be here in a couple of hours and i feel an excitement building. feeling quite positive (which is so not me) and actually like this might be the start of the new me.

the stories on here are so inspiring and so many people have had my concerns and gone on to lose and get a whole new life. i hope I will be posting a week today with some good news about weight loss!! thanks for all the replies..... just hoping i can get through watching strictly come dancing without my usual treats nearby.

also dreading not being able to have milk in my tea! only have one cup a day and know i am really gonna miss it.


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i had a huge chinese takeaway, a mcdonalds, a kfc and fish and chips all in the week preceding CD.

i haven't craved for them since which is good!!!

good luck leeds123! x


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hey hon. i did it too. i haven't heard of many that haven't!! it's a great idea to cut down on carbs before starting cd but i don't think many of us actually managed it!!

who is your cdc going to be? mine is kay and she's brilliant.

abz xx


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Lol too true Abz, i managed to scoff every takeaway in sight before i started cd, but i have to say that while the first few days were nasty, i mentally couldn't crave anymore junk as i'd eaten it all and was sooo sick of food, it made me more determined in a way.

Enjoy it whilst accepting that this is the last time you will ever eat this way, next time you eat proper food you will be in control of what you eat and how often.

Good luck for the coming days, feel free to post re what ever is on your mind, we've all been there and can empathise and hopefully help.




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i too had a binge the night before i had a 16in thing from the thing shop and 2 bags of the carb things and a garlic thing as well.god my 2nd day was a killer i am never doing ss again this is the one and only time,good luck,cant say the words anymore the new me think lettuce is a nice word i hope you agree lol

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