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self destruct.

Hi everyone.

Im a complete failure, i keep giving up!! i have done so well on this in the past, i cant understand why i have lost my will power!! i lost 3.5 stone and have 2 left to go, the end is so near but i cant get there!! i am really depressed. WHY CANT I STICK TO IT THIS TIME!! please help me :( any advice or support greatly received and apreciated.

a month ago when i started back, i did really well and lost 6lb in the first week, then i slipped up and have put 8 on. It's like i dont want to get thin, but i know that i do. does that make sense??

im a failure.
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First of all you need to know that I have never done CD, and am not doing it now. However, I have in the past done various other diets with varying degrees of success. What usually happens is I start a diet, I lose a decent amount of weight, I maintain for a little while then I put on all the weight I have lost, often plus more. So I do the diet again and I just can't seem to stick to it. Does this sound like you?

If it does, let me ask you something.

Towards the end of you doing well, did you maybe start to cheat just a little? Knowing you could eat this meal or that snack and still lose weight this week, or still stay in ketosis, or whatever your goal for the week was?

I've worked out that this has always been my problem. Towards the "end" of a diet I have done well on I become complacent. I start to learn all the little tricks that mean I can sneak in the "naughty" stuff, and I think I am still on top of both my weight and my food demons. So when I've gone right back to the start and I have to try again, my mind is still in cheat mode and sometimes even without thinking I'm slipping in all those little cheats I learned so well the last time.

This is my theory about why I never ever do so well on the same diet the second time around. It's taken me a long time to work it out, and even longer to get my head round how to deal with it, but this time I want to have it licked.

So here's my plan. I'm currently doing Exante, which is a very similar programme to CD. And I'm only doing this diet today. B*gger tomorrow, I'll deal with it when it gets here, but each morning when I get up I have my shake and I think "I can do this this morning". Then I drink my water and at lunchtime I have my pack and I think "I can do this this afternoon". More water, and my teatime pack, and I think "I can do this today. If I want to, I can eat tomorrow" and I hold that thought til bedtime.

Sometimes I actually say those words in my head, and a couple of times I've even said them out loud. :eek: But I'm not thinking of this diet as a long-term thing, I'm just going to do it today, that's all. Just today. And I start every day thinking that........

....and so far I have been able to stick to the plan 100%.

I don't know if this will help you at all, or if it's just me waffling, but maybe if you just decide that you'll stick to the diet for today..... and hold that thought..... it just might get you over the plateau you seem to have reached and have you sliding down the other side again? :)

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