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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lynjo, 19 October 2006 Social URL.

  1. lynjo

    lynjo Full Member

    i have been on cd for a while now but need some motivation please to get going again as i have started to falter. coming on here is a great help but now i need a big big push please.
    if you had to convince me y i should do cd how would you do it?
    a prize to the winner!!!!!!
    thanks in anticipation
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  3. Jubbly

    Jubbly Loves Minimins long time

    OK, this was my blog entry today:

    Can't believe I've been on this diet what feels like so long now, especially as I thought I'd only be on it for a few weeks and magically be 9 stone super-quick!! That's over 1 in 5 days this year on a diet and a total of just under 228 CamDie products (just under cos of the days I skipped packs), around 300 litres of water and about £385 spent (not so good). Of those 76 days, I have only had a little bit of'real' food on 22 of them and I was 68% of the way towards goal weight as of last weeks weigh-in - hopefully more after tonights. I have lost 34lbs in total, which works out as almost half a pound loss A DAY and my BMI has gone down by 5 points. I lost 17lbs in the first 4 weeks and 12lbs in the second 4. In the time since being on this diet I have had one interview, got a new job (but STILL no start date), not touched one drop of booze, not had one nibble of bread/pasta/rice/potatoes, watched what feels like about 300 fast food meals being consumed by other people, eaten more mushrooms and celery than I had done in the previous 25 years put together, thought quite a lot about food and spent a stupid amount on eBay but I have also found a lot of willpower and determination I didn't think I had. This is the first diet I have ever been on and I intend to never go on another one again. Woo-hoo, go me!!

    I underlined the more encouraging bits!!
    Hope it helps,
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  4. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hiya Lynjo

    Obviously I don't know you or your life so feel that I am unable to motivate you because my motivations may not necessarily be the same as yours.

    HOWEVER..... If you consider yourself to be overweight what is it about being overweight that you feel you can no longer stand? What is it about being where you currently are that makes you want to move? And if you do move, what are you moving towards????

    Just a few questions that I would ask you if you were a client of mine seeking motivation....:)
  5. snowyj

    snowyj Full Member

    Hi Lynjo,

    If you really want to lose wieght - then CD will sell itself to you...because if you stick to it, then it works! Simple as that.
  6. Jubbly

    Jubbly Loves Minimins long time

    PS I didn't just put that stuff to big myself up or promote my blog (although you're all welcome to have a read haha!!!!). My point was that if we stick with it, we WILL get the result we want, which is our amazingly good prize at the end of a journey where we learn so much about ourselves (sounds kind of corny but I'm sure you know what I mean). Also, that I feel if I can do it, I'm sure anyone can as I've never had any self-belief in my ability to lose weight or much determination or drive to do anything. If it's that important to you, you will continue to do it even if you do faulter (because to do so doesn't mean the end of the journey if you don't want it to be). Plus CD's great as you lose weight so quickly and to do something so radical and disciplined makes you feel really proud of yourself. And everyone else will be too :D
  7. puddycat

    puddycat Full Member

    Just think that overall this time dedicated to fulfilling your goal is a tiny amount of your life - but if you don't do it, your life may not be full of the lovely things increased self esteem, self confidence and peace of mind bring.

    Hope that helps hun!
  8. Flopster

    Flopster Got a life thank you!

    What an absolutely amazing reply!! Thank you because I have been struggling this week and not feeling very positive (hence reading this thread) and I am sure that if I were to do what you have done and list the facts and figures I would be amazed (in fact I may just do that!!).

    Thank you and well done on such a great achievement.

    NOBODY can convince you to stay on CD because it is bloody difficult if your head is in the wrong place. You have GOT TO WANT IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE to make this a success.

    I've had a few days where I have struggled (in fact my chatterbox is telling me to go eat a pack of crisps as I type this as I have already "blown the week" but I am going to argue and fight with her all the way today, she has had her own way since Monday and it is time to knock her off my shoulder).

    Why don't you do an analysis like Clare has done - that should help you see where you have come from and what you have achieved.

    Good luck.
  9. ayembee

    ayembee Full Member

    Just having a look at the 'inspirational pics' before and after photos and reading peoples weigh in posts and blogs etc does it for me, I know now that if I stick to this I will get to where I want to be and it will take such a short time, just dig deep inside yourself for the strength and tell yourself 'I'M GOING TO DO THIS!!!!!' and you will...xx
  10. Jubbly

    Jubbly Loves Minimins long time

    Cheers Flopster, you have brightened my morning as only lost a pound last night:mad: . Whenever I set myself a huge task (same with my degree) and am nearing the dangerous last bit of it when I start getting complacent or losing faith in myself, I always reduce it to figures as I'm a 'solid fact' kind of a person - I'm kinda sad like that:eek:. Hope you're keeping the monsters under control today.
  11. Professor

    Professor Guess whos back...


    Lets weigh up the options..(pun intended)

    You can continue to "falter" whether that means eating a meal or whatever, the meal will be nice, filling, comforting, pleasing, tasty and all things a good meal is.. LOVELY, sounds good doesnt it? YUM, You will feel good YES, satisfied and full with a great aftertaste in your mouth of that meal.What a lovely meal.

    BUT after that taste has worn off, after the tummy had stopped feeling full, What then? You feel bad, you feel overweight still, you feel maybe that somehow you have failed yourself? You feel lost and not on the right path, and mainly you feel WHY? Yes that meal was good, but was the 20min or hour of feeling good and pleasure worth it? Was the food and full feeling worth failure?

    Surely a better option would be to get a far more better feeling and long term greatness by NOT having that meal, NOT faltering, and sticking 100% to your plan and your goal. Just think how damn great your going to feel down the line, just think what people will say, the clothes you can wear, the way you can walk down the street head held high thinking "i was in control, i changed my life, i feel great"

    Still want that lovely tasty meal ?

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