Selling Packs

As you know i have not been very well and Dr thinks I am allergic to Soya I bought 84 packs on Sunday which my CDC will not refund I dont want to put them on ebay but dont want to loose all that money if I cant continue, I also dont want to sell them to someone who has not got a councillor I have 76 assorted packs left including
chicken and mushroom soup
Tomato soup
Vegetable soup
Banana shakes
Strawbeery shakes
Orange bars
Peanut bars
Hi Katie

I'm surprised your CDC isn't prepared to refund you your money. If the packs are still within their sell-by dates and in good condition then she/he would be able to re-sell them to another client.

Well done for not putting them onto ebay though!

I would ring or email Cambridge Diet to ask for their advice on this. Your Counsellor should really refund you.

All the best,


Your counsellor should refund you. We are a member of the DSA and your CC should refund you for any unopened product, in good condition within 14 days of purchase.

You will find this information on your receipt.