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reaching my goal
Im not sure , i use dulox if im bunged up im sre some will answer it for you soon ?



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Yes - lots of ways of dealing with constipation which is a common and normal side effect of very low calories diets. Its probably best to add fibre to your diet (not as food though). You can add Phyllisum Husks (from Health food shops) or I add Fibre Clear - you can find details on the Lipotrim web site - its available mail order or get it chemists which offer Lipotrim.
Senokot is sometimes harsh but others do fine on it. Dulocolax acts in a similar way. Some people add a 'stool softener' such as Ducolease - best to try and find what suits you best.
Most important is to drink plenty of water, some exercise and find what suits you best.

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Thank you both for your reply its really good to have the support :)

I will give the dulocolax a go :)
senocot is fine , although I find it gives me bad cramps , the same with dulcolax .... after trying everything that we are allowed I have found movicol is the best if you can manage it , or dulco pico perles ( tesco sell them ) ,
Fibresure , benefibre , physillium husks are meant to help prevent it but it has never worked for me :/
Thanks Katie xx

I've taken some senna so I will see what happens by morning ... Some great suggestions x
I have found sennakot good but I don't use it often. I've also used Dilcolax which works a little too well and I can't usually leave the house the next day!!
I read somewhere that you can only get Fibre Clear from the chemist if you are part of their weight loss programme. Is that true?


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I use senokot, not that often though. Twice in week 1" once in week 2 and so far not needs it in week 3 so hoping my body is starting to get used to it all and not have a need for them any more?

I don't find it gives me any cramps and thankfully it was the first thing I tried.
I got some extra-strength senokots from tesco a few hours ago, took one an hour ago and the hardness of my intestines seemed to instantly go.. I've had a fair few less powerful ones this week.. i know theres something there but it's not coming damn it! Try not to take too many if you do take something because it'll stop your body absorbing the vitamins in the diet, I try to have mine a good couple of hours after I've eaten to make sure my body has had a chance to absorb the nutrients first =) Xx


Been liberated by Exante!
almostmrswood said:
I read somewhere that you can only get Fibre Clear from the chemist if you are part of their weight loss programme. Is that true?
No. You get buy it in a chemist that does lipo trim or ring and get it delivered by post. Either way is ok and quick. Costs about £4.95 a tub, lasts a week It's all on their web site.


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