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Serial sniffers


On a mission
Anyone a serial sniffer like me?

When I did LT, and the cakes used to come round at work, I'd always ask to sniff the tray of delights.

When I was making loads of baby food last week I was practically drooling into the pans as my nostrils hoovered up the delicious smells.

I always ask to smell DHs food each night.

Tell me I'm not the only one!
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meeeee ... i actually keep a bar of choc in the fridge and have a deep snort several times a day .. its strangely satisfying .. the only thing I struggle to sniff is biscuits as i seem to have a real desire for them more than anything ( which is odd as I never ate them before i did TFR !!!)


this time - the last time
I love to sniff OH dinner!

Also like to get the full list of ingredients going into each of my work colleagues dinners each evening!
I also do this I just sniff the boys cakes I was tempted to lick it or something! My OH thinks am werid but at least I know am not :)


On a mission
Just made my baby a peanut butter sarnie for his dinner
Mmmmmmmmmmmm sniff sniff


Full Member
OH had a chinese takeaway for tea last night and offered to eat it in the other room so as not to tempt me. I was like heck no - sit next to me so I can smell it! :eek:

Recipe books is my other weakness on CD - love to sit devouring them!
I also spend a lot of time on the slimming world forum on here , in the recipes section they have a 'post pictures of your dinner ' sticky thread .. and i go on every day and drool at the pictures !!!

Haha I have a thread called "Food Porn" in the off topic area with photos of my meals ;)


this time - the last time
Wow Kate. That thread is amazing! I'm on page 6 and theres still 105 pages to go! Yummy!