Serious scale addiction!!


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Well done hun that really good, my scale it seems like it not working cos it in the same place since my 2nd weigh in and i'm confused now!!!!!


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Im a cale addict too.... but sometimes she's a b***h! lol


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Mine are the same! I jump on morning an night (and then any other time I'm near them) am really disheartened at the min as they aren't budging at all since last Sunday :( they must be broken lol

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great things

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i jump on them twice a day usually


Try not to weigh yourself at different times in the day..morning is best if your gonna do it as this will be your true the time tea time comes you will be holding fluid and everything you have comsumed in the day ..I used to do this in morning say id lost 5lb tea time i'd be back up again but the next morning that tea time weight had gone and's weird how it works ..x


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I ditched my scales...... in my first four weeks they said i hadnt lost nething but the scales in slimming wold said id lost 10lbs.... i now never use any other scales than the ones in slimming world !!!