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Gone fishing
They're nice aren't they :D

Shouldn't use them on lipotrim though as the balance of everything just wont be right.

It's all finely tuned and all that. Try not to mess with it ;)


Gone fishing
is it just because of the vitamin levels are different then the flapjacks as the contain as the bars contain less carbs and fat than the flapjacks
It's the whole thing not just the carbs and fat.

I find that when people start substituting, that's when it all starts going wrong :(

Please try not to. Tough when the head tells you that logically it should be no different (or even better with the lower carbs), but it doesn't work like that. Honest


Gone fishing
Sorry that it's not the answer you want :( Stick to it as written though, and you'll be so pleased.

Best of luck.
I've tried to SS using Sero and it just doesnt work! As KD says, the nutrient content isnt the same. Have you tried warming the flapjacks up slightly? Or even thought about changing to Cambridge Diet, as the options are SO much better....

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