Setting a target


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I'm new..tried posting earlier but cant seem to find it now (complete techno idiot!!).

I joined sw online back in Aug and stuck to it for a bit but then after my initial 3 month subscription I decided not to carry on subscribing as I felt I'd pretty much got everything out of the online subscription as there wasn't really much support and I wasn't really sticking to it. Anyway started sticking to sw since 3rd and want to do it properly this time, I don't have time to get to a group and felt that I wasn't getting much out of the online pack so decided to do it alone. Anyway I want to set a do I do it? Do I randomly pick a figure out of the air that I want to be? I think thats what I did back in August but I'm don't know if that the correct way of doing it.

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Theres no right or wrong answer with this. You need to set your target to a weight that you will be happy with and that you can maintain. You dont need to set a goal straight away, i waited until i was 2stone away before i set mine as i didnt even know what would be possible for me to achieve with having so much weight to lose.

Some people use BMI to get a ballpark figure but i am outside my BMI for my height and feel like if i go any lower i will look skinny and boney and thats not happening. Others will probably give you good advice on this as everyone is different.

Good luck in reaching your target.