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Setting goals


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Hi LittleRomany... while its good to have goals, they need to be realisitic.. Otherwise, people often lose faith in themselves and give up.
Have you started WW? If yes, in the book it will give you a target for a 5% loss and a 10% loss..
Your weekly loss target should really depend on how much you have to lose, what you currently weigh etc.. The norm on the new WW plan seems to be 1 - 2 pounds a week.. People who have allot to lose may lose more and people with less to lose may find it allot tougher to shift..
The first weeks loss is usually the biggest, but that's not always the case..
Let me know if you have any questions.. will be glad to help if I can.. And if I can't.. Someone else on here will.. Good luck! :D


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Don't be tempted to jump on the scales every day as your weight does fluctuate naturally!
Pick one day a week (or fortnightly!) to weigh ~ pick a time (am, pm) and try and stick to just that day!
A healthy weight loss is 1 1/2 - 2lbs a week, so aim for that and anything else is a bonus. If you aim for 4lbs and don't make it you might get upset and de motivated. So just be sensible about it.
Remember you will possibly (not always) be bloated or gain around yout TOTM so bear that in mind at that time, if you don't go too mad with hormonal eating that weight just goes within a couple of days anyway.
I'm sure other people will have other hints to help you. oh wear the same sort of clothing as well, don't jump from a light t shirt to a heavy jumper etc. decide whether shoes on or off don't chop and change - a pair of shoes can weigh 1lb or more depending on the style lol
Good luck


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I'm prob going to aim for about 2lb, anything will be an improvment though!

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