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shake into a mousse

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well yesterday i tried making my shake into a mousse and it was horrible it was the chocolate shake and it looked yummy but when i tried it you could really taste what ever it is the shake is made of so i got me spatula scooped it up added more water and made it back into a shake i had to be very quick lol because of the 15 min dead line lol,,, can i just ask why do they tell you to drink your shake within 15 mins is there some magical ingredient you must have within that time of adding water to it:confused::confused::confused: baffels me :hmm:
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I often wondered if anyone had tried making a shake a mousse!!! I never did and glad by the sounds of it!!!
I am sure you have to drink it within 15 mins because of all the nutrients and stuff x x


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Yep i tried the shake as a mousse and found it to have a very salty taste for some reason, not nice, i also think the 15 min deadline is because it starts to lose its nutrients
It's horrid isn't it!!

I tried it once and have never tasted anything so yukky,never again.

I prefer the flapjacks :D but everyone tastes are different.

And yep you must eat them within 15mins as they do loose there nutrients.


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Ive just descovered making the mouse and am really enjoying the change. I was worried for weeks that Id really hate it and would have wasted a whole shake on this god awful mouse! I am having two mouse's a day now and really enjoying it. Just goes to show that we all have different tastes...apart from the bars by the sound s of it, I dont think anyone has enjoyed them yet!:wave_cry:
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im thinking about trying the mousse but it means having to drink extra water, i usually make my shakes up to nearly 800mls to get a bit extra in. i guess like you say it can be made into a shake if it tastes bad! im also gonna try the bars next week as ive read mixed reviews about those too!
we are all very strange creatures :) lol


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I have all mine as mousses now - I prefer them. It takes some practise to get the mix right but IMO it's worth it. xx


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What do you guys mix with your shakes to make 'em in to mousse?

The W8 plan I'm on, I have to buy a tub of Mousse Delight which is a bit steep at £7 per tub, but it does last a while. I love having my shakes as a mousse. We have a toffee flavoured shake and it's blumming gorgeous as a mousse :drool:


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I loved my version of the mousse (It turned out like watery icing haha)

i thought this was the mousse until my friend who was also on LT informed it wasnt correct, she said she would make me one... but never got round to it lol!


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Just 50-60mls of water .... toss the whole lot of powder in, gently wet all the powder by stirring and then mix like hell!! After a few weeks of trying I find this to be the best way. 'Mousse' is probably a bit of a misnoma (sp?) thickish icing would probably be better. It takes practise because I find all 3 need different amounts of water to make the right consistency. It annoys me that I forget this and sometimes end up with runny vanilla icing!! :)


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omg i have just tried this :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous:

absolutly disgusting!!! i quickly scooped it up and added more water to make a shake - i wont be trying that again anytime soon!! lol


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LOL!! I love them! Aren't we funny! xx
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If you make the shakes into a mouse with hot water they come out like custard..almost gives u something to chew lol

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