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Shakes and new starts!!


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Hi, its been a long long time since I have posted anything on here, I have been on at least once a week to see how people are getting on etc.
I first started on CD a couple of years ago and lost 3st, put it all and more back on and then last February, I joined LL which has proved to be the catalyst I was needing to sort my life out!
I had been in an unhappy and destructive relationship for years and once I started LL it got worse as well as tryin g to sabotage my diet constantly, he hated seeing me lose weight and the verbal abuse got much much worse. By the time I had lost 4.5st I had had enough and moved myself and my 2 girls into a refuge one Sunday when he was at the pub. We were there 3 months and are now in our own flat and life is much much better.
While I was at the refuge I stopped LL'ing due to finance and the state of my mind, I put on 1.5 st but went back to LL last week and my 1st weigh in is this Saturday, I cant wait.
Ive decided to start posting again because I feel confident enough to if that doesnt sound too weird? I'll keep on reading everyones post and hopefully someone'l talk to me!! Hee Hee!!
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Hi Rachel - well done on the weight loss so far and good luck with your new life and continued success in your weight loss journey.


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Thanks guys, its good to see you both and well done on your losses, hows it going for you?
I fully intend on sticking to LL this time as I dont have any relationship stuff to make me miserable anymore. I bought exercise stuff this week to so that I can start toning up, long way to go!!
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Hi Rachel,

Welcome back! Good luck with the diet!

Well Done on getting out and starting out again x

Love Nas x


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Thanks Nas, It was a big thing to do but so worth it, me and the girls are so much happier, even our cat has chilled out!:D


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Today I got my mum to ring in sick for me, what a chicken I am! Let me explain tho, I have been doing maternity cover for a company here in Aberdeen and for the most of it, it has been great. However, a girl at my work has been making my life hell for the last 2 months and after what Ive been through, its the last thing I needed. Her previous victim had left the company so she turned on me. I decided to find another permanent job and was lucky enough to be offered the first one I went for (yay me!) so handed in my notice. This week its been hell, the bully has been constantly picking at everything I do, you may well ask why I havent broached this with my boss? Well I haved and it proved fruitless as they are best friends, extremely unprofessional boss tho. Anyhoo, I digress, yesterday I decided to call in sick as I couldnt face another day being miserable, my job is jam-packed, hectic and complicated, not that they realise it, so was worried as theyoften say no one else in the company can do it. I figured I would come back today but I lay awake til 4.30 this morning anxious as hell and I decided to ask Mum if she would call and say she had come to look after me as I had a horrendous bug and was too ill to look after the kids. My boss was ok with her but said that I was leaving her in the lurch. Fair enough I was, anyway, she called me 20 mins later and said that they will pay me to the end of the week as planned and they would send someone round with my stuff so am free til I start my new job Monday. She was well shirty with me tho. I know I lied but what gets my goat is the way she is with me. I mean at the height of me leaving my now ex husband, I desperately needed time off work and the doc said he would sign me off for a couple of weeks but I said no as I knew how much I was needed at work, no-one knows how to do some of my work and couldnt be trained up in a day. So I went to work mid breakdown. My boss said to me the other week that I had made a few mistakes and if it was affecting me so badly maybe I should have taken time off?!! Mistakes as in typos!! She complained when I took a day off after moving into the refuge!!
Bollocks and buggeration, glad I got that off my chest, sorry you had to see it!!

The title of my thread you ask, where is the relevence? We are looking after a friends dog for 2 days and we took him for a walk past the butchers and got him a big marrow bone. Oh my lord, you have never seen a happier dog, he cant stop wagging his tail while chewing on the bone, he keeps on carrying it round proudly to show us!! Bless!!

Have had 1 shake today, 3 more to go, love leaving them in the blender for ages as they go all thick!!:D


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Good on you for making the big moves to better your life and your daughters'. I am glad that you aren't letting relationship or work issues stop you from being a healthier you --physically and mentally. On the "letting the shake sit bit" ... our counselor told us to consume the shakes and soups w/in 15 minutes of mixing them up, as the nutrients start to disapate. I do not know if this is correct, but I am sure she thinks it is. You might want to ask your counselor. With a so few calories, I am sure getting most out of them is important.



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Hiya Mel, thanks for posting! I do have the shakes as soon as theyre mixed, I just like whizzing them for a bit longer then I used to as they get a wee bit thicker! I started a new job yesterday and worried about doing my shakes there but have used the mixer I got with LL and its working a treat, I also get a fab workout on the bingo-wings that are threatening to arrive!! :D

sukie sue

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hi rachel ,
well done you , both for getting out while you still can, and before your girls think that kind of relationship is normal , and for starting again on ll it takes some doing (both ) just started back on ll this week would like to get the next stone off now im settled into this new body , will be nice to see how you get on to
sue xxx:)


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S: 21st8lb G: 14st0lb
Thanks Sue, I remember you when I was on LL last time and thought what an inspiration you were as you had lost the exact amount I needed to lose! I put on 1.5st during the 3 months the girls and I were in the refuge but didnt beat myself up about it so have 6st still to lose. Very daunting but very do-able. Just finding it a bit of a fight with my inner voice at the mo, constantly having to tell her to bugger off!! Im sure you'll do great tho, hopefully I will to. I'll keep an eye on how youre doing to xxx;)
Hi Rachel!

Well done you for getting rid of the excess baggage - and i don't mean weight! Bullies are so pathetic - winds me up thinking about it!

Good luck for LL, sounds like you are well motivated - you're sure to succeed!

Know what you mean about leaving the shakes too - if you leave them for 2-4 minutes he powderiness goes away and they become creamier and thicker! Much nicer! Strawberry is my fave (in fcat I order 21 a week - think i may turn pink soon!)

Good luck!

Jen X


Hi rachel - welcome back and also so pleased that you managed to sort a part of your life out x
6 stone is so do-able - thats what I lost on LL over 41/2 months !
You will be skinny for XMas - WOW!
Thanks for reminding me about the shaker - was just stressing as going to London and staying in a hotel for 2 nights and as it is my 1st week of a refresh, decided not to have Bars - so was trying to put my blender in my case {der}
Found my old shaker in the tupperware cupboard!
I love chocolate and strawberry hmmm - just having hot chocolate now


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Hee hee, I thought I was bad enough just having 3 different flavoured shakes a week!! I love the banana flavour so much! Ive left my shaker at work cos I have a blender at home which does the job, no one at my new job bats an eyelid and my boss and the regional manager are both losing weight and both blokes, very sympathetic so all is well there. In my last job, the women there were always trying to sabotage my LL, the swines!!!:D

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