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Shakes or flapjacks?

i dont seem to have a pattern yet my weight losses are different every week! i thought it might be the flapjacks! must be just me! lol id be happy with 4lb a week but it just seems to be coming off slower than i expected!:cry:
deb x


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You are still having fantastic losses though in the 5 weeks you have been on lipotrim. Its averaging out at nearly 6lb a week. We are all different and the losses show on us all differently.


maintaining since June'09
Hi Debbie!

I had 2 shakes and a flapjack for 5 days out of one of my weeks (wk 6) when I was away and it was easier to take out a f/j than a shake ... it didn't make any difference to me. I regularly do it 3 days a week and take a f/j to work - again - no difference as far as I can see. x


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i asked my pharmacist for some flapjacks this week cos they will be easier to take to work but she said she doesn't bother ordering them cos they are so bad!
She is going to get some in for me for next week to try so I will reserve judgement!
can i just say WELL RUDDY DONE to all of you's for even finishing the flap jacks ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy gggggggg they made me heave yuk yuk yuk but way to goooooooooo for all those that finished them and kept them down xxxxxxxxxx
I have to agree with monique, she is my step daughter and were doing this together. She let me take a nibble of hers and omg I could barely swallow that let alone a whole one. lol
I wont be adding those to my diet will stick with the shakes i think. x x

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2..
2. to lose a stone
3. to drop a dress size
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb was 13st 8.5lb now 13st 1lb
wk 2



I will be skinny again!!!
Debbie, a loss is a loss

Look at my losses, They always fluctuated, I didnt loose anything steadily xx
True its better off than on! i look forward to my flapjacks at lunch times! i wouldnt give up on them try them again in another week or so! drinking the shakes all the time does get boring!
deb x


maintaining since June'09
I wouldn't write them off either - you will find your tastes change ... as for the cost - I don't pay any more for flapjacks I just give them a list of what I want and whatever's on it I pay £36 x

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