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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what theh shakes are like? I tried LL but couldn't stomach them and then went onto W8 which I found palatable enough. Have tried protein shakes in the past too. Is the porridge like oatsosimple? Are the shakes easy to mix? Is the soup powdery?

Just want to get myself prepared, lol!

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I think Cambridge/LL's shakes/soups are made by the same company (correct me if I'm wrong - that was certainly true 3 years ago), so there's no real difference other than the pack size. They are the same tricky customers to blend as well. Never had porridge as it sounds like my idea of food hell!


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The porridge is so far from being like oats so simple!! But then each to their own. I hated it but others love it. Good luck on your CD journey x
the porridge is disgusting! the bars are nice. I like the oriental chili soup very filling and the shakes are nice hot and cold.... if you have them hot is nice filling bedtime drink and with the shakes make sure the water is cold otherwise will taste horrible! :p

Also with the bars i tend to divide it into fours so it lasts me all day..

Hope this helps x
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i love the porriage its my fave only like maple flavour. i love the shakes to but i have more water than they recommend i think you just have to play about with them.
i like the bars to but i can only buy one a week or i will eat them all in one day.


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Thanks everyone!:) think I just need to bite the bullet and get started when I get back from hols! Have to remember why I'm doing it as this extra weight is making me miserable:(


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I really have trouble liking the bars, they are just pure sweet in my mouth, so I take them out of convenience when I'm away from home. As for the shakes, well it's not a pure joy to have them but it's all right, I'm having them almost all hot. I tried the mousse also and I liked it. Learned the recipe here on the forum. I would'nt have bought it otherwise, but I don't regret .


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I'm really fussy and never really liked milkshakes before CD but I love them now! The only ones I don't like are cappuccino, fruits of the forest & banana. I adore the mousses and most of the bars too, the soups were OK but the porridge was rank. I'll miss my CD products when I finish!

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