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Sharing the password

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by MissTango, 29 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. MissTango

    MissTango Full Member

    Argh it drives me crazy, i go on another forum (it is a parents forum but has a diet section) and they share the password there every week, iv emailed the admins and i never get a reply, yet it is still going on!
    It really annoys me, i am on a low income and i scrimp and save to be able to go to sw, i may as well not bother going and get the password on there!!!
    I tried to email sw about it but couldnt find an address.
    Am i being over the top or would it annoy you too?
    Rant over! lol
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  3. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Yes it would because the password is supposed to be for weekly attenders only. There is a reason for that and if people keep getting the password without actually joining then it will result in SW charging for the use of the site which wouldn't be fair.

    It sounds like the admins on this other forum are crap and if they refuse to do anything email SW direct and report them for allowing it.
  4. Lindam

    Lindam Silver Member

    Yes - we pay each week to have the advantage of access to the SW website that non paying SW followers do not have. You are right to have a rant!
  5. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Yeah Id be annoyed too! If you cant find a contact e-mail pass the details on to your consultant and ask them to chase it up with the relevant department! x
  6. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member


    We have been contacted by slimming world before you can see her email here: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/26200-slimming-world-password.html

    I suggest you can get in contact with her at the following email address: nicola.slack [at] slimming-world.com

    Replace the [at] with @ :) and remove the spaces

  7. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    ah ther ya go MissT x
  8. MissTango

    MissTango Full Member

    ohh thanks, il email them with the details!
  9. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    which parenting site is it? go on - name and shame!
  10. MissTango

    MissTango Full Member

    lol its Bounty...very popular, its the one that gives out the baby packs when you have a baby *goes off to hide*

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