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Sharm el Sheikh end aug/begin sept 2010

Me & my sister went 2years ago & loved it. We went up mount sinai to watch the sunrise, it's an overnight walk up the mountain but well worth it to watch the sunrise. You can see the change in colour over the terain, I'd definately recommend it. Otherwise we just walked on the beach & relaxed.
Oh, wow! I went to Egypt about ten years ago, but was in and around Luxor. We didn't go to Sharm at that time, as it was only a few weeks after some tourists met an unfortunate end and nobody was going there.

Do let us know how it goes! :D


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Thanks guys, the sunrise sounds stunning! We were supposed to go last year but had to cancel in the end...just didn't have the money at the time it was due paid.

So decided to go for it again this year....cannot wait..
I love egypt it's one of those countries that I know I will keep returning to maybe next year going to turkey this year august/september
I have friends who have been and really loved it. I went to Alexandria and Cairo many years ago.

I am off to Canada in March(hopefully) and can't wait. Stayed for 3 months a couple of years back and have been dying to return.
I went to Sharm on 21st September 2009 for 10 days on my honeymoon. I had an awesome time... recommend the snorkelling, visiting the Old Town for a spot of haggling and shopping local stylee. Also recommend visiting Soho Square for an upmarket night out without the expense and without any hassle.

I think we were very lucky - according to our tour guide when we went snorkelling, we were staying in the best hotel in Sharm (the Grand Rotana). From what my friends have said, I think the experience very much depends on the hotel you are staying in. That said, the weather is gorgeous, the landscape stunning and the locals friendly.

Be warned, alcohol is VERY expensive (4.50 for a single measure of vodka is cheap! Plus the coke for an extra 1.50 and you're looking at £6 a drink! We stuck to local beer - sakara- and the occasional bottle of wine as a treat). However food is cheap. e.g. TGI's a dish that costs £11 in the UK cost us £4.50 over there... you can afford a 3 course meal easily :D or alternatively one course and a drink lol!

I would suggest taking yourself to the pharmacy when you arrive and ask for some tablets for dodgy stomachs, as it's almost guaranteed you will get one at some point (of all the people I've spoken to who have been to sharm, only one or two said they weren't hit by the diahhrea (sp?) while they were there/on the way back). UK remedies WILL NOT WORK, you need to buy the local stuff. It's not expensive and worth having in your hotel room for when you get the dodgyness. It will clear VERY quickly and is nowhere near as dire as you might have heard. However it was enough for me and my new husband to want to spend a day in our hotel room. The drugs worked though and although we were on and off them all holiday we were able to have a fabulous honeymoon and were not "ill". I suffered a little with stomach cramps and he with a bit worse, but as I say, the meds over there work fast!

You will have an amazing time. If you decide to do the day trip to Cairo, don't do the bus option... go by plane. The bus journey is horrendously long, some buses don't have air con and you spend more time travelling than you do at Cairo. The flight option costs a little more but takes hardly any time at all, then you can feel full of energy whilst you explore the sights and be back within a couple of hours :)

Oh, and in general, all hotels will use mineral water for ice so you don't need to worry, although some restaurants etc. who work on the scrimp may not, so my advice would be avoid ice if you're not in your hotel.

Final piece of advice. The locals keep their money down their trousers... and they don't wear undies... needless to say that handling this money could potentially make you sick. We were advised to take hand gel with us and apply before eating or drinking, and also after handling money. Our rep said she noticed when she first arrived that she became spotty on her face and she swears its because she kept touching her face with "money hands". We took 2 bottles for 10 days which was plenty and thought it was a great idea.

On a very positive note, I didn't see a single mosquito! We saw lots of amazing tropical fish, sting rays, lizzards, but no mozzies :D

The whole things was amazing, the issues I have raised are not as bad as they may have been presented in the media etc. but you do need to be aware of them and how to avoid and deal with them, so that you can have the BEST holiday ever.

Enjoy :D


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Aw thanks guys.

Wannabeslim - thanks for your tips. have read lots an lots on tripadvisor and think we'll be well prepared for everything...lol

Have done the Cairo trip before, from Cyprus so not too fussed on doing it again. Did enjoy it though. Just really looking forward to going for a good bit of relaxation.

The grand rotunda looks amazing!!! We're staying at the Tropicana Grand Azure, think it's in the Nabq Bay area, my manager at work was there last aug, stayed at the Park Inn and loved it (well not so much the hotel but the holiday in general)...x

Phoenix - where in canada ru off to? have been to canada once before and stayed with my OH's aunt and uncle, they live about 1-2 hrs away from vancouver. I must say i really enjoyed that holiday, was a bit apprehensive beforehand but really enjoyed it in the end.x
Aw thanks guys.

Phoenix - where in canada ru off to? have been to canada once before and stayed with my OH's aunt and uncle, they live about 1-2 hrs away from vancouver. I must say i really enjoyed that holiday, was a bit apprehensive beforehand but really enjoyed it in the end.x
I am off to Toronto and will probably stay around the area this time. In my previous visits to Canada I have been to Nova Scotia, Vancouver & Whistler, Montreal and a lot of visiting places in Ontario. I am off to stay with a friend and we haven't seen each other in a while so it will be great to catch up.
Change of plans going to Sharm 26/8 booked flights at a good price i'll book hotel soon can't wait to get back there


I'm going to be slim
Can't wait I'm aiming for a 2 stone loss by then 25 weeks on thursday for me..lol not that i'm counting

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