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  1. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    Hi all
    I joined weight watchers last friday, (weightwatchers virgin).......I would never admit this to anybody i know but i weigh a massive 22st7lb!!!!!!!!
    would love to blame my pcos but in all honesty i love my food. i love to much of the bad stuff. i also love red wine and creamy sauces and cakes, but enough is enough i have a 14 year old son and a partner who i love dearly and i have just hit 37 and all of a sudden it has hit me i could be so so ill weighing this much. So 3 months ago i kicked smocking into touch, reduced the red wine dramaticly, now to face my biggest challenge get a healthy bmi!

    I hope coming online i will get another lot of support. and advice if i go wrong (still very confussed) i have 50pp which all my friends are very very jelous of i think this may be a massive amount

    Greek yogurt and berrys 4pp
    coffee 1pp
    crumpet 3pp
    honey 1pp

    total 8pp

    bagel 4pp
    turkey 1pp
    mayo 2pp
    lettuce 0pp
    coffee 1pp
    apple 0pp

    Total 8pp

    boiled ham 4pp
    Jacket pot 5pp
    butter 3pp
    salad 0pp
    mayo 3pp

    Total 15pp


    Hot choc 3pp
    brazil nuts 8pp

    total for day 42 pp

    as you can tell i have eaten loads!!!!!! feel to full to even think of the 8 more points, is it ok to leave them???
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  3. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Hi Sharon

    I joined ww last Thursday evening so we are newbies together!

    I'm worried that I am eating too many of my daily and weekly points however I keep thinking that ww wouldn't give them to us if they didnt want us to have them. My advice (and I am only new) is to eat as many of your points as possible, if you reduce them too much now you will have to reduce them as you drop in to the next stone bracket so make the most of them whilst you have them.... x
  4. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I have decided you are right, even if i do not not want more food i can lay off the low fat stuff totally for time being. Also this morning decided to try and even points out more so

    Breakfast, bagel 6pp, banana 0pp, honey 1pp, coffee 1pp, greek yogurt 2pp and fruit juice 4pp!!!!!! teach me to point before it hits the lips
    total 14pp!!!!! such a lot for breakfast i know.

    being a lazy sod today, other than a quick walk with dog zero exercise planned i need a rocket up my arse!!!!!! may try and see if i can sort junk/spare room out will keep me busy and less chance of picking food i really dont want....
  5. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Maybe I should take some of my own advice!!!

    What sort of a dog have you got? I have a border lakeland x and he needs tones of exercise which i suppose is a good thing! At lunchtime i did 3.5 miles with him but really he needs a good 5 miles to properly wear him out and even then he would just keep going!!

    I work from home quite a bit so I know what you mean about keeping busy to stay out of the kitchen cupboards!
  6. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I have a bulldog (laziest breed typical) he is a rescue bulldog, I was only fostering him until vet found charity to pay for treatment (skin cancer) this was last October. 2 weeks after having phoned vet, because of financial crisis no charity willing to fund. Very tearful 13 yr old son. A week later a couple of thousand lighter dog had operation and is fine!!!!! But rather lazy. We have to drag him out 3 times a day only for short walks to make sure he does not get overweight (pretty ironic)..... I am norm a cat person but jack the bulldog is pretty special xxx

    So how are you finding things so far??? I know due to massive point difference it's not same, but I am determined to lose weight so all rather positive this side xxx
  7. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Awww bless Jack the bulldog! I don't think Alfie will ever slow down!!!

    I hope I'm not tempting fate by saying it doesn't feel like a diet as i've really enjoyed it. It's teaching me a lot about portion control which slimming world didn't.

    I know there's a difference in points but we still have the same end goal and that's to lose weight and keep it off... We can do this!!!!
  8. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I have just crashed on the sofa and i am being subjected to football!!!! i would not mind but OH or son do not support either side????????

    I find the night is where i used to most of my grazing, so i am keeping an eye on how i feel hungry, tired, bored or just plain greedy!!!

    bagel 6pp
    banana 0pp
    honey 1pp
    coffee 1pp
    greek yogurt 2pp
    fruit juice 4pp

    total 14pp for breakfast!!! my fault i should have pointed juice before i drunk......lesson for the day unless i know the points its not going past my lips!!!

    warburtons pitta pocket 4pp (loved as felt like a lot of bread)
    salad 0pp
    wiejska 2pp (saw in sainsburys its a pork sausage thinly sliced when i pointed was 2pp for entire packet?? hope i am doing this right)
    beetroot 0pp

    total 6pp was yummy x

    cauliflower mix 3pp
    chciken 4pp
    bacon lardons 4pp
    philly creamy sauce 4pp
    sweetcorn 3pp

    total 18pp


    quavers 2pp
    sol larger x 2 6pp
    hot choc 3pp
    total 11pp

    total for day 49 pp again not used weeklys. i think i may norm use on weekend, apart from this weekend 3 - 12 hr night shifts......
  9. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Good luck :)
  10. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    3 x 12 hour night shifts... Ouch!

    Your diary looks good hun... Might give the pitta pockets a whirl

    I've seen a few other people have crumpets for either about 6pp I think... Not sure which ones they are but I think I'll have a look into it! I love them with marmite and cheese!

    Football is pants... Luckily my hubby doesnt like it however he does like F1 which I have got into by default!

    Edit: asda chosen for you crumpets are 2pp!!!
  11. nessa123

    nessa123 Gold Member

    Hey Hun here to subscribe to your diary.
    Try and use all your dailies if you can they have been set at 50pp because that is the amount you need. I also stated my WW journey at 50PP a day And struggled to eat them all at first but things like a milky coffee or fruit juice as you found will soon help use them up.
    I wouldn't worry too much about exercise at the moment just get your head around diet and the food side of things I lost my first 3 stone with pretty much no exercise.
    I'm so pleased you have started a diary it really will help xxx
  12. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

  13. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    Hi nessa
    Thanks for popping bye. I think because you have been there done it, had roughly the same points as me, I trust your advice..... I think maybe when this first week is over I will relax more, as long as I get a loss... I have scales at home but I am 1 stone to heavy for them to register, how bad is that!! But I think also better as I have to totally trust the plan xxx
  14. nessa123

    nessa123 Gold Member

    Yeah concentrate on your first week a day at a time if you follow the plan you will lose weight and then that will spur you on for the next week. I know that 50PP seems like an awful lot of points and at times I used to think how the hell can I lose weight eating this much but the plan really does work so trust it and go with it. I'm down to 43PP a day now and sometimes miss those extra points so enjoy then whilst you still have them!! How is your day going today? Xx
  15. nessa123

    nessa123 Gold Member

    Most crumpets are 2PP each but 5PP for 2 but double check as differant brands can vary. Xx
  16. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    Thanks! I checked the tracker for the asda ones and for two it says 4pp, it doesn't round it up unless you have 3 crumpets and then it rounds it up to 7!
  17. nessa123

    nessa123 Gold Member

    That's ideal. Just remember if you ever had 3 in the same day 2 for breakfast and 1 for supper for example then it would be 7pp for all of them rather than 4pp for breakfast and 2pp for supper. I hope that makes sence!! Xx
  18. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I am determined to enjoy stocked up on some treats, cant wait later on i have a 4 bar kitkat and some lux hot choc yum yum....
    i have spent most of my day at my mothers, she was recently diagnosed with secondary bone cancer, after have a breast primary. she is not unwell as such i just need to spend as much time with her as i can....... she has to see a specialist in Birmingham and have biopsy,s next week i think they want to make sure it is secondary and not a new primary. so have booked an hotel there next week for 2 nights...just hope work give me time off xxxx

    hope your days all went ok will do my food later

    Again football on!!!!! think it will be a long European cup
  19. nessa123

    nessa123 Gold Member

    Yum to the kitkat and hot choc.
    Sorry to hear about your mum hun I'm sure work will be able to give you the time off. Xx
  20. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    Ok yesterday's food went like this

    Home made smoothie 1pp
    Scrambled eggs. 5pp
    Toast 5pp
    Butter. 2pp

    Total 13pp

    Salted beef. 4pp
    Beetroot 0pp
    Bagel. 4pp
    Cream cheese. 2pp
    Coffee. 1pp

    Total 11pp

    Chicken. 4pp
    Cous Cous. 7pp
    Feta. 3pp
    Roasted veg. 1pp

    Total. 15pp

    Kitkat. 7pp
    Hot choc. 3pp

    Total 10 pp

    49 total pp used nil weeklies as yet x weigh in tomorrow. Wish I had some idea will be horrified at a gain on them scales. I am worried as I have pcos. That I should be on less points!!! Kitkats as nice as they are do not feel right x
  21. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I ordered an all singing and dancing new I Phone 5 !!!!!!!!! I have the 4 but it's on a pay as you go (I am a skinflint deep down) and I do not like using it as I should as it costs!??????? So I have the new one on contract........hopefully will be online more when out and about and maybe taking pics of my food..... I love you girls who do it xx.
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