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sharons wk 1 weigh in

thanks im trying to work out where ive gone wrong im having 2 shakes, 2 atkins bars and a chicken salad or tuna salad for my meal which comes too about 700cals the atkins bars are about 5-6 grams of carb for both so dont know what im doing wrong
everyone loses at different rates, have u been drinking the reccomended amount of water? thats the only thing i can think of as you seem to be doing everything right. 5 is a great loss anyway well done!
thanks i know your right and im going to drink more water and less tea lol


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You could try ditching the atkins bars as they are not part of the allowable snacks list.

Replace them with some fruit or veggies from the list and see how that works.
i did think of that and i asked on the aussi forum about them and according to them there ok to have as the cs bars have 9 carbs and atkins only have 3 at most , they said can have 3 a day but i think i will cut them out and see what happens
Hi Sharon - 5lbs (10 blocks of butter!) is a really good weight loss, well done x

As said before me, everyone loses weight at different rates but I bet you after 4 weeks we'll have all lost around the 1 stone mark, regardless of what our weekly loses are.

By the by, you're ticker and info box to the side say "4lbs" - don't cut yourself short hun - get it changed to 5!

Best wishes for week 2, you are doing fab x

(ps - I think it's 10 blocks of butter??? 8oz to block of butter, 16oz to a Lb?!)


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5lbs is a great loss :) I was averaging around between 3 - 5 lbs a week on lipotrim.. is a good steady loss... a stone a month or so :) x
thanks im over the only 5lb now lol its 5 less than i started with

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