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sharp pains ???????


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Hmmm.. is it high up in the middle? Does it go through to your back?
Could be gallstones, best to see your own doctor Hun. Hope it improves. xx
no its on my left hand side and much lower down my step mom had hers removed not so long ago and my mom still has massive stones so i know all about the g stones and where about you would feel that pain but this just feels like a pinch for a couple of seconds then its gone i wonder what it could be ????


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That sounds like a sort of Irritable bowel type pain. If you're a bit constipated, things may be struggling to get through there. (the left side is the last bit of bowel before it heads for the exit, so to speak, and things get dried out and hard to pass there) try drinking a bit more water, and have it warm, that might help. xx
omg i get the same pain in the same place feels like a hot needle it last about 2 4 seconds and then goes i thought it was some think toy do with my kidney or someting lol was getting a bit worried about it lol but i think cathy might be right could be are small intestins playing up let me know if you find oout any thing new ok your not alone lol

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i got that my first few weeks too but it did pass after a while


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Doesnt sound nice hun, go see a doc as soon as, hope its ok x
Ouch ! Up the water intake and see if that makes a difference.

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