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Shazzabir CC Journey to 9st!

I have been on CC for 3 weeks now, previously I was on WW Discover plan. To be honest I was losing weight with WW, but have done it for so many years I just wanted to try something new.
So far since January I have lost 16lb, (not counting Mondays disastrous weigh in). My goal weight is 9st, so I did only have 8.5lb to go.
My losses on CC have been:
Starting weight: 9st 11.5lb
Wk 1 - STS
Wk 2 - -2.5lb
Wk 3 - put on 1.5lb (w/e away!)

The difference now is I know when and why I will lose or put weight on. Calories in, calories out, it's simple now. I use myfitnesspal ( username - Shazzabir) to log everything.
I have been doing quite well until this weekend, then it all went horribly wrong. I went to London for the weekend and although I did try to be good, my calorie intake was huge to say the least! Mostly alcohol as well! I did enjoy myself though.
The problem is I am still enjoying myself and have not got back on track yet. I feel so bloated and tired for eating this way.
So thought if I had a diary it might get me to focus more and get me back on track.
I do exercise everyday, but apart from walking around London I have not done any since Thursday.
TODAY will be the day to sort myself out!!!! I have not lost all this weight to put it back on again!
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good luck!!! weekends are my down fall too but am working on it ......x
Thanks :)
So far have gone over by 240 kcal today. I had bought a salad for my lunch and had not realised the calories were so high.....422!! I could not believe I had picked something up so high in calories. It was prawn and pasta salad. I was hungry again shortly after eating it as well, gutted.
I didn't want to starve myself the rest of the day, so had turkey bolonaise and low fat garlic bread (I had already taken it out of the freezer this morning). To make up for it I am going to get on my exercise bike for 40 mins, this should be enough to give me a positive kcal figure at the end of the day :) :)
Well I believe I am back on track again. Yesterday I exercised and was under on my calories and today is looking really good too.
I have spent the last few hours cooking lots of meals for the freezer, so it should make meal times much easier and free up some more time for exercising when I get home from work. :)
You seem to be doing good! I'm 5'2.5 and 136 just now, so weight/height wise I'm in the same boat as you. I think we're at a funny place in our weight loss journey because we're no longer depressingly 'fat' (horrible word) but we're not skinny minnies either. In other words, we're near to goal so we think it's ok to slip off once in a while.

A word of advice: you must check calorie content before you buy it. If this for some reason is not possible then you should perhaps think of bringing your own packed lunch so you know exactly how much you're eating :)
Yes I couldn't agree more!! I am finding it hard to stay motivated. I really do want to get to my goal weight though.
How do u stay focused and on track?
I do need to be more careful when buying food, especially as I am finding the packaging can be a little misleading. I need to check the small print as well. :)
The best tips I can give you is to do all your shopping yourself. When you're in the supermarket, look at all the labels and, for example, if there's two packets of cauliflower cheese, then buy the one with the least amount of calories. The first time I shopped and looked at the calories for everything, it took me ages and I didn't help that I was paranoid that people would look at me and think "oh there's a label checking freak". Always pass off looking at labels as 'I'm buying it for my husband/boyfriend and he's allergic to soya, so I'm checking the ingredients". Also, once you've started looking at labels, it'll get ALOT quicker the next time you shop. If you've got a family (and by your picture it looks like you do) then buy them healthy food too, but just you take a half portion (like you'd give to a 14 year old)
And I stay motivated because I got the man on my dreams (and alot of other girl's dreams, so i'm very lucky) and although he thinks I'm beautiful, he gives me some meaning to my life to get in shape and also be a hot girl on his arm :D hehe
Thanks for your advice happyhealthy :)
Yesterday was a really bad day. My uncle died, he has been suffering the last year from cancer.
So needless to say my diet went out the window.
Today is a new day though and I am going to get back on track. I am going for my C25K run shortly. I guess this is so much more important to me now, as I am doing it so I can run Race for Life.
Well I did my C25K, and ran more than I needed to. I ate well within my allowance, then the wine came out...........big mistake!!!
Pizza & chips for tea, washed down by a bottle of wine!!!! Then just in case I had not consumed enough calories for the day, I decided to have a creme egg!!
What a huge mistake!! Feeling really really bad now :-(
I know this w/e is bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I did think I had more self control:-(
The only consolation is 2moro is a new day. I will eat better and I will exercise :)
I've had a similar day. I think there might be something in the air, or maybe it's a Saturday thing. Eitherway, what's done is done and tomorrow is another day. So I'm not going to beat myself up about it and you'd best not do the same, nothing wrong with living a little every now and again! x
That's pretty sound advice thanks :)
Roll on 2moro!!!
Well I have woken up with a right dodgy tummy! Pay back for the pizza I guess!
I haven't managed to eat anything or do any exercise yet. :-(
uh oh pizza revenge!!! Have a light and easy day today, get all the crap out of your system and get back to normal on Monday. Get well soon! x
Thanks guys :)
The positive side is I have only just felt like eating, so hopefully a low calorie day might make up for some of my sins this weekend!
Well I lost 1lb!! Was really suprised as I thought I would have put on :)

This weeks goals are as follows:

Exercise time - 6 hrs
Exercise kcal - 2000
Food - no chocolate
Alcohol - 1 bottle of wine (not all in 1 go!)
Weight loss - 1.5lbs

I am going to be really good this week!!!!!
well done!!! even 1 pound is a great loss, one step closer to goal xx

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