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She has cut me off!!


Size 14 here i come!
Went for weigh in today and only lost 1 lb AGAIN!!!:mad: Seriously not happy!!

Even my CDC is :confused: because i am dropping the inches. She is not worried as i am dropping the inches and we looked at my photo from 4 weeks ago and my face is so much slimmer now, she trusts me and knows i'm not cheating.
But to try and get this sorted she has taken my choc bars away:cry:

It's just soo typical that because i love them they will probably effect me in a bad way. Also i have to ss this week mon-thurs and call her on fri morn with weigh in results.

I know it's all for a reason and i'm glad she is bothered enough to try different things but i have to try to ss, with no bars and i'm due totm on fri.
I am fed up now though of seeing others dropping 3lb and up and me really slowing up, it won't take much more till i break if it continues. It's going to be a long week.

It's a bloody good job i am going away on fri i can tell you!!:D

Come on, i can do this.........i think,lol
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I had plenty of weeks where my losses where quite low. You're losing inches so it's clear you're losing fat. You may just be holding on to some extra water. Make sure you're drinking enough water as this is the best way to overcome water retention. The bars do have slightly higher carbs and so this could be a factor. Just stick with it! Maybe opt for peanut/cranberry bars as they have less carbs xx
l know how you feel hun so annoyed about my weigh-in also (2lbs) have no idea why :confused: doing everything by the book hope you have a brill weekend and we both have great weighlosses next week :sigh:
Aw hun i am sorry to hear this as your trying so hard. I am sure you could live without the bars to get that weight off (i know it must be annoying) You are doing so well, just keep looking forward to friday and you time away. Where are all here if you need us through the week. Your still doing pretty amazing tho to say you are having small losses, well done!! <3 xxx


Hey! Look at how far you've come, and only 13 wee lbs to go!

Bet this week you get a giant whoosh to make up for the bars going away.

I love the bars too, but ration myself to 1, maybe 2 a week.

See how you get on this week without them, I know its frustrating not being able to have them, but trade that off against the fact that your weight loss might be much better and its worth a go!

Hang in there!


Size 14 here i come!
I will do my best this week but i can't promise. I do drink enough water tbh and i have extra water in my shakes as they are too thick with only the rec amount, i nearly double the amount.
As the day is getting on i am more and more hungry knowing i'm not having my chicken salad! Today sucks,lol
I truly miss CD and i wish you better luck with the weight loss this week, I cant wait til January when i can get back on SS.
can you try to up your plan to ss+ or 810 maybe?

Don't think my suggestion will be popular but try a week slightly higher, it could shake things up a bit, the body is a funny thing I've discovered :D

Other than that , hang in there And the scales will fall... They have to!!


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Your CDC really is a Sargeant Major!

If the inches are going I wouldn't worry about it, the pounds will drop off sooner or later. If time of month is coming up you are probrably be retaining water.

Good luck

Gaelic Faery

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Aww poor you! I know how much you loved the bars....bad bad scales :p At least you're still losing inches and I bet you look fab!! Don't worry about this week, just focus on friday and you'll be grand. I've only done SS and it's fine. Think happy thoughts!
Do the losses get smaller the closer you are to goal and could it be that? I've never been close to goal so don't know ;)

I think it's really good that your cdc is looking for reasons it may be happening and ways to change it as otherwise there's a risk you might become discouraged and nobody would want that for you.

Good on you for giving her advice a shot ---- a lovely loss in lbs will be worth missing your bars for --- you're doing really well to be losing those inches though :)
you could be holding onto water. get yourself a body brush and brush away that water and toxins.


Size 14 here i come!
Well not sure her plan was a good idea, unless not having the choc bars and chicken salad and replacing them with a bag of crisps and a kit kat was the aim!!

Oh dear i never did like being told what to do even as a kid,lol
Don't worry i am fine about it, really, i think i needed it as i have woke this morn feeling good and the scales say i have lost another pound believe it or not. I'm know the mistake will catch up with me but right now i am sure it was the right thing to do.

I will be having my chicken salad today as i can't do that every day obviously. Anyway thanks for all the replies and yes chlo she is a sergent major,lol
i don't think that your weight loss slows the closer you get to goal unless you moved up on to the higher plans above 810. i was still getting 2 to 3lbs loss on the 810. i think when you start to introduce more 'proper' carbs that that is when your body slows and sometimes gains a little when its adjusting. i got onto the porridge plan. i think it was 1000? i know i was having porridge for brekkie, shake and something small for lunch then another shake and a small protein meal for tea and i had an apple and i was still loosing weight on that.

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