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Shells diary to the finnish line


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Day 1 for me main reason I'm keeping this diary is so if I have no losses or a glitch u guys can take a ganders and point out my errors so please hollar if I make a boo boo

Ok so breakfast was hexb 2 w.m toast from 400g loaf with one bannana spread on top mmmmmm

Lunch 2 x scan bran part of hex b with 2 x laughing cow light and cherry tomatoes
On top and sliced pineapple after

500 ml bottle of pepsi max about half litre of water

Mid afternoon rest of my scan bran so 3 with 2 more laughing cow lights and toms

I've had 3 coffees today with splash of skimmed milk from 2nd a choice

It's a red day btw!

Dinner is gonna be pork and chicken kebabs on skewers (if I can find the skewers lol with red onion and peppers and mushrooms stir fried veg with fry light and a wholemeal pita from marks' it's either 6 or 7 syns ???? Il go with 7 and a muller light for afters
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Hi your food sounds great, i have also started a diary on here today to help me sue xxxx


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Add to today 1 tbl spoon of lighter than light Mayo at half a syn I weren't gonna mention this little addition but don't wanna let my diary start slipping already!!! Had an extra bannana too

Think I may reach for the fruit bowl again tonight in the form of some pineapple :) I feel like I'm eating alot here but I know that's a common concern on this diet so I'm gonna try not to restrict myself jut eat when I want on plan and try try try to stay off the scales until next Monday! His I hope I'm not eating too much!


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Ok morning folks!!!! Day 2 for me!

Breakfast 2 x cups of coffee with splash skimmed milk and 2 small toast hexb with 1 bannana spread on top this is totally my fave thing right now!!

Il be taking my scan bran and laughing cow triangles and tomatoes fit lunch again I'm gonna try n have scan bran every day this week

I know people say it buy literally yesterday was my first day trying them and they definately gave me a bm Soz if tmi buy I have issues in that department n in loving how quick they Erm done the job lol

I definatley need to up the water though today must work on that so atleast 1.5 litres for me today!

Good luck for 100% day guys


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Wow I'm starving! Had three scan bran at lunch with 2 laughing cow triangles a kiwi n pear n litre if water but now I'm so hungry I feel sick! Off home for my two remaining scan bran n triangles n fruit!
Hi where do you buy the scan bran from? luv sue xxxx


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Holland and Barrett there are apparently different types??? Mine only had original bit it's fine


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Ok so really in a mood to munch today but think that's Coz I let myself get too hungry earlier got a head ache too!!

Anyways I just ate a big fruit salad of mixed melon a few grapes I was starving in supermarket lol so ate it while I was there talk about desperate!

Had dinner which was 2 pork steak type things kinda more like boneless chops they were left over from yesterday so not very nice I had 2 eggs with that I made a salad but couldn't be dealing with salad today so binned it!

Had a muller light for afters

Now I feel naughty but here's what I'm gonna have now for my syns o gosh am I a pig???? 10 morning coffee biscuits at ten syns with options Belgian choc hot choc 2 syns

Il try n stop there lol but if in hungry at all tonight i'l reach for the fruit

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