*She's Baaaaaack!*


Alright you sexy people.

Well i went to WI last night (first time back after Christmas and New Year where i went so far off the track i was in China) and i put on 2lb's. And you know what? I'm cool with that. I ate so much and enjoyed myself so whatever lol. And as for the here and now, this is what i'm doing (some of you ladies should take note)


That right there, is me drawing a line under it. That was 2008, i don't know if you've noticed but we're in 2009 now, it's a whole new ball game.

And for those who don't know, i AM getting to target in 2009, and i WILL be nominating myself for a Slimming World cover.
And i know for a FACT that there are a hell of a lot of people on here who will be joining me in Targetsville.

This morning i went and got a fruit salad from the cafe at work and walked right past the fry up's, normally i would have attacked the bacon and eggs and slipped in some fried bread too but ya know what? I don't need it, nay, i don't WANT it.
I'm not letting food dictate my every waking hour anymore. It's MY life and i'm going to make each day count.

To all the friend's i've made on this lovely place and to all the friend's i have yet to meet, 2009 is going to be one hell of a year - COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol!!! Hello you! Your "I'm back" post is so much better than mine!

I am back too, I AM getting to target this year and we are all going to be absolutely FABULOUS!!


Lol, hey sweetie.
What can i say? I'm a burning ball of positivity right now, even if i am still slightly ill lol.
Good to hear you're back!! xxx


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Woop woop!!! I love this post. And I love your attitude. And I WILL see you in targetsville!


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Great to see you get your positivity back. You go girl!! I've a lot further to go than you, but I'll read about you in the SW mag and see you smiling from the cover when I'm almost at target :D

Mrs V

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Hey You!!!! Now this is the Brittany that we know and love!!!
Welcome back Hun and 2lbs is nothing!!!
I wont get to target this year (I am being realistic as I have 8 stone to loose and try as I might I know that aint gonna happen this year!!), but I love to read your posts and will set myself challenges with you along the way!
Woo hooo!!!



i love minimins me :)
i love this post, its exactly how i feel too!!!

good luck hun, how much do u wanna loose to be at target?



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You sound great! Go for it!


Reached Target. woohoo
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Welcome back to the postive and motivated Brittany we have come to know. Good girl, go and kick those pounds up the butt. xxx


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yay Brittany!!!! Go for it! I've all revved up for 09 as well!!! My target is now Valentine's Day as my previous target date was fare too ambitious, I had no idea how hard it would be to get through Christmas on SW! I've only gained 1/2 pound over Christmas but over the last month I've only lost 1/2 pound so I really need to get back into gear!


Thanks everyone.

It's not just my weight that will be my reason for being in 2009, i'm using this year to change my life. To say i want to be a better person is a bit extreme cause i am who i am and that's that. But i want to live my life more, i don't want to just 'survive' i want to really live it. My friend bought me a book for Christmas- "101 things to do before you die" and it's mostly full of silly things but it got me thinking i haven't done anything really, and i don't want to live with any regrets.
I don't want to be on my death bead saying "What If?"
I don't know what happened to me on New Years Eve but i awoke in 2009 with an overwhelming desire to make each day count.

But i'm glad i can motivate others whilst i'm motivating myself.
You are all such lovely, amazing people whom i feel honoured to know and converse with.
You all deresve the best happiness in the world and i know you've got it in you to reach out and get it.


p.s - Stacey, i've got about 4 stone to lose xx


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Yay the old brit is back and motivating us all. 2lb is a great gain lol for over the xmas period. You will lose it no bother , good to see you back to your old self love x


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Hope you reach all your goals hun:D


want to be me again ...
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hurray our gorgeous girl is back at last!!!!
good to read your post today young lady and looking fantastic as always ...we can all do this together ..
much love and hugs xxxx


Aww thanks chicky, it's good to be back to my old self...
I coudln't have done it without you and all the other amazing people on here xxx


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Lovely to have you back Brit! I think he were wondering who has dampened that spark of yours. I am so motivated for this year too. I want 2009 to be my skinny year. I am 30 in July and I so hoping that I have a few stone off by then x


And Sarah, i know you'll do it!

It's a big birthday this year for me too, and i want to get in the right mind set and be happy with myself before i reach it!! xx


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yay Brit, i have that book it's bonkers but makes you think XXXXX good luck on the weight loss i'm aiming for that cover too so i'll seeya there honey buns.