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shift workers help!!

On Saturday i'm about to give my life over to night shifts aarrgghhh!!!
8 consecutive shift on an extreamly busy ward. Most nights they get take aways or eat copious amounts of chocolates, crisps and other goodies. Now this is not the first time i have SS while on night shift, andto be honest do find it quite hard, especially as i always feel so tired. I will stick to it, but just wondered how others cope with change in shift patterns and night shifts? Any good tips welcomed?
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I do shifts at work, though not nights, and I have just started to fill my cupboard with what I can eat the whole of the following week.
And I leave my purse at home so I can only eat what there.

Good Luck x


One day at a time!
Poor you, 8 nights will be a killer! I tend to have 4 shakes on the first day/night and last night/day as you seem to have more hours than usual, lol. Then I just have a shake or bar before work, another at breaktime and one before going to bed. I try to drink more at night, and even add mint tea as I get such indigestion on night shifts and it helps.

It's more difficult to avoid the chocs, cakes etc though - that just takes lots of willpower and feeling smug when you manage to;)
Good luck! Sounds a challenge but you'll do so well. We all think we are weak to food but actually we are soooooo strong becuase whether it's a week or a year we've still said no to food we don't want and stuck to this diet!!


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I've never done shifts so can't comment on that bit but would imagine that a lot of it is mental - same as the rest of this diet.

If you are constantly wishing you could have what everyone else is having and thinking or talking about food then the diet is a lot harder - if you make a conscious decision that this is what you want far more than you want that then its not easy but that mental switch is the difference between keeping the weight off and rebounding in the long run. After all even when you finish CD you are still going to have to avoid eating all the rubbish on night shifts or you won't be staying at this weight.

Maybe it would be worth switching up to SS+ or 810 plan for the week and taking a green salad and some chicken with you or similar so at least you can chew and eat something when they are. That way you know its not hunger making you crave what they have or even the need to chew but a pure conscious decision - and you will have made a conscious decision to make a healthier choice which will then hold you in good stead when you face this problem once all the weight is gone :)

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