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  1. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    Been doing ss+ for a few days now and cheated this afternoon when I woke up post night shift :-(.

    Decided I'll start my own weight loss diary and use this as somewhere to come to jot everything down. Even if no one reads it, I think it will help me just to get it down in black and white :).
    Cheated when I woke up with a piece of toast...feeling very disappointed. Feeling ill, tired and washed out. Not as a result of the diet, just on night shifts right now... im a nurse and work on a very busy unit... on nights at the moment....which I finish tomorrow...yay :).!

    As I've been awake since 12pm and I'm not gonna be getting back to bed until tomorrow at 9ish.... I've decided to try and forget my blip and carry on today as I would.

    So.. Just had a strawberry shake. Gonna have a leek and potato soup about 6. Then will take a 200kcal meal of tuna and green salad to eat in work tonight...will prob have a shake with it too, so should feel quite full to see me through the shift. The hardest thing about being on nights is midnight snacking, there's always crisps n chocolates about as people usually bring loads of junk in as a 'treat' to get through the night. Tonight is my 4th night now, and the prev 3 I managed to avoid partaking, even in the pizza takeout last night, and the Chinese on Monday night!

    Will feel better when off these nights as will establish a better routine. Feel bad about caving today....but onwards and upwards!:)
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  3. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    I feel your pain, I'm a paramedic and currently on my run of 6 12hr shifts, only 1 more to go!! I've had a bad couple of days but hoping it won't be too bad at weigh in on Friday!! Good luck xx
  4. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    That's similar to my shifts....knackering. Good lucky your weigh in :) xx
  5. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    Feeling really good today, not hungry in the slightest! Choc shake for brekkie, leek soup for lunch, 2 egg omelette for dinner and a banana shake for supper :)
  6. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    Well, bank holiday weekend is upon us! Gonna be a hard weekend..

    Mother in laws birthday tonight
    Party tomorrow night
    Christening and party Sunday day/ night!

    So the plan.., mother in laws bday is at the local Indian.... Thought I'd be dreading it as I love curry!!!! However, the restaurant does a lovely meal of grilled prawns in herbs and spices with salad.... Phew! Checked my book and confirmed that I can indeed have a portion of prawns!

    As for sat/sun.... Just going to drive and stick to sparkling water....may sneak some coke zeros in my bag too.

    In the past on this diet, I've always dreaded nights out....and ended up staying in, or going and giving up. But really pleased with how motivated I feel this time! I have no intention of doing anything to spoil my hard work the last few days :)
  7. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    Well, had about 9 days off! Had been ill with a virus then boyfriend took me away for a few days so just decided to start again when I got back....which was yesterday. Not too bad, I had lost 10 lbs, just weighed myself and I'm still 7 lb lighter than start weight, so all in all a 3 lb gain is not to bad I guess. Back on night shifts tonight, so just had my first I'm awake until 9 am tomorrow and have to get though a busy 13 hour night shift, might have 2 boiled eggs for tea. As I'll be asleep tomorrow daytime, I'll wake up and then be in some sort of routine.

    Bfast-choc shake
    Lunch- leek soup
    Dinner- 2 eggs
    Supper- banana shake.

    Aiming for 6 pints additional water.
    Here goes...
  8. tlbanks

    tlbanks Full Member

    Hey Callief, I'm on day 5, also a restart for me. WI on Wednesday, haven't sp'd the scales at home at all, going for the surprise element lol. 3lbs gain is fab considering, it'll be off in no time. Good luck this week :)
  9. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    Hi there, ohh, feel so dissapointed with myself. After being all positive and optimistic last week, I never got back into it :-(. Starting again tomorrow!! Got four weeks exactly until my holiday.... Just hope I can have a good loss in that time..... So dissapointed with myself
  10. CallieF

    CallieF Full Member

    How are you getting on tlbanks? :)
  11. tlbanks

    tlbanks Full Member

    Hi, I lost 4lbs at WI. Everyday gone is another day closer :) don't be so hard on yourself, what's done is done & now you have the opportunity to change it, getting your head in the right place is half the battle I find. Don't think about the long term just one day at a time x

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