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Shinytooth's Journey


Determined! I Can do this
Hi all,
My name is Alan, I am 31 and from Coventry in the UK. I am started my journey back on 1st July 2009 but only found this forum today! I am trying to lose weight naturally before thinking of a surgical option due to my busy work life... I peaked recently to 325lb (23St 3lb) since 1st July 2009 I have really focussed and am eating as I should, much more healthier and drinking plenty of water. I am also on an appetite suppresant called Reductil (10mg sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate) prescribed to me by my doctor. I am currently losing 3 - 4lb on average a week, I expect this to drop and sometimes plateau as the weight comes off. Joined a gym and do a 6 day workout as of 23rd October 2009.

Total loss so far: 90lb

I have a long long way to go, but I am determined to do this. With the support of many friends and family members.
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Keep going, 1lbs lost is better than 1lb gained.

You have done really well so far, a inspiration!
Well done Alan......

Just keep thinking of a pack of lard..... 1 lb - it really is a shed load! Pat on the back time!!! :)

Keep it up!
yeah 1lb is a lot :p. well done and keep going you can and will do this if you stay focused i was pretty much same weight as you started in feb x


Determined! I Can do this
Thanks Piink!

And well done you! Your progress is amazing! I see you are on Xenical, I tried that a year ago, but to be honest, me working alone in the outback of rural worcestershire and alot of heavy lifting, it didn't have a good affect on me lol! /wink

You are looking amazing on your loss ... /jealous.

Are you going to the gym? If so how many times a week for how long etc.

Are you following any specific diet or just like me eating healthy and with small portions/calorie counting?

Sorry for the 1 million questions - Your just a real inspiration as you have done so fab! I can't wait to hit my goal weight, I wouldnt have been that slim since I was 15/16 ... But I intend to start at the gym as soon as I buy a car as I wanna be a toned 13stone eventually x
hey Alan =)
i dont mind the questions im happy to help you. and anyone :).

i have just been sticking to the low fat 5g fat rule anything over 5g per 100g of product isnt allowed ... i dont eat red meat or normal bread , only pitta bread of low fat wraps.... i eat lot of quorn & meat free products that look like meat and bulk out meals without adding any fat..... salad & veg with every meal but not on my bran flakes :p..... ohhh n i have red topped milk =]...

hmmm exercise has been a major thing for me ... gym daily (1 hour and half cardio and do light weights i dont want big muscles :p ) and on the odd occasion i dont make it i do dvds and wii fit ... walk a lot too ..i have squash , swimming and hip hop cardio dance classes every week too.. so you can say im pretty active..

All i know is motivation and determination are the kay to being sucessful.. i know ive a long way to go myself. and i wont be giving up

ill be checking bk on you make sure you stay on the wagon



Determined! I Can do this
Your right! I did miss this reply lol

Thanks a bunch, it satisfies my curiosity, I found the glory that is quorn last weekend! Made a Quorn mince spag bol, all from scratch no pastes/sauces and was yummy, I had a smallish dollop of it in a jacket potatoe with a side salad. I will be trying it out with many more dishes too!

Yeh, I figured exercise would be a huge factor too, I did this (but didnt last as long nor did I care about it as much as I do now) 2 years ago and in 6 weeks lost 2st in the gym, but sadly like I said my head wasn't with it. I quit - sold my car which was a massive error on my part and gained it all back and then some.

I really need to get another car, so I can get to the gym again, I remember the feeling when you did a workout - it was awesome, you feel on top of the world.

I walk my dogs twice a day, 45mins in the morning and an hour in the evening so thats kinda filling the void at the moment but isnt half as effective.

actuallyyyyy walking is one of the best exercise so those two walks are prob doing you more good then you think lol..

wen i first started exercising i just walked.. i could only manage like ten mins before thinkin ahhh screw this.. but it got more n more =] xx
well done =] keep it up
hope your doing well


Determined! I Can do this
Im doing good thanks PiinK!! Fairly quiet day on the cards today lol, just watching re-runs of the new knightrider and gonna stick the dvd recorder on and record the rest then start doing the housework lol ...

Been a few crazy saturdays the last few weeks, so taking it easy today :) Save some pennies! Hope your ok x
ahhh sorry i didnt reply sooner ive had a mad horrible horrid crappy day!!

my lip ring started migrating out and the lump (on going issue) was swelling lots so i had to remove my lip piercing grrrrr .. it all boils down to having it done 3 months ago and the woman that did it was sacked 3 weeks after doing my piercing coz she wasnt qualified... so i tried saving my piercing... but i failed =[

waiting for it to heal so i can have it done again .. sooner rather then later.. i hope... i miss it already .. feeling pretty down bout it ahhhh lol..



Determined! I Can do this
Yeh, just replied in your notes thread :) Hope it gets better soon! and tomorrow turns out to be a better day for you xx
me too my friend me toooo... just this damm blister wont go n my mouth wont close lol


Determined! I Can do this
Hi all, a smaller loss of 2lb this week - but I am very happy with this, it now takes me under the 100 mark. I just want to see some visual body changes lol.... I can feel it in some clothes, but I wanna see it dammit haha.
FANTASTIC!! Well done....

It will be hard for you to see the change.... we feel it, but our friends notice it! Enjoy it either way.... You're on the right track!!

Have another brill week!!


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