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Shopping lists!!

What is on your shopping list that you couldn't do SW without whether it be red or green days??

As i have said i haven't started SW yet as i have a few things planned that would just scupper the diet before it has started but i plan now for sunday to start it. I want to compile my shopping list before hand so i'm ready to go shopping with full knowlege of what i'll be eating....SO your favourite items on your list please :D:grouphugg:

Thank you x
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i am a bachelors junkie lol!

always must have savoury rice, pasta n sauce and supernoodles in my cupboard!! great for taking to work for lunch or as part of a meal or a snack!! and sav rice and the lowfat supernoodles are both free on green or extraeasy. And pasta n sauce is really low in syns and some are still free i think!

Other than that i always have loads baked beans, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes and passata! Oh and smash, egg noodles and pasta!

And for the freezer quorn products as the frozen versions are always much cheaper than chilled. The mince and chicken pieces are particularly versatile!

I do mostly green days and those basics are very cheap and cheerful!

My shopping essentials are:

Pasta n' Sauce
Chopped Tomatoes
Ainsley Harriet Cous Cous
Quorn (sausages, meatballs, and mince)
Muller Lights
Mini Twister ice creams
Alpen light cereal bars.
Thats really helpful thank you but keep them coming peeps!! :p

Are the low fat super noodles all free on green or is it a select few? I will be over the moon if they are :D
as far as i know all the low fat ones are free they are available in chicken and herb, chilli chicken and thai sweet chilli. they also used to do smokey bacon but havn't seen them anywhere in ages :(

i do not go to class so don't have access to syns online to check if they are still free but they defo were before!

oh and they come in a silver and blue packet the normal blue packet ones are not free but come in many better flavours lol

Oooo thank you ikclerockchick you have made my day!!! :)
lol enjoy those supernoodles!

i might have some for lunch now too lol

they sell the smokey bacon ones in £ stretcher near me for 39p i think and the pasta n sauce are 50pish which is MINT! plain cous cous is an absolute MUST with either veg, chicken or beef oxo you can have loads of flavours! i love SW!!!


Slow but sure....
VLF Laughing Cow cheese triangles
Mattesons smoked turkey rashers
Lite Babybel cheese's
VFF Cottage Cheese
VFF Fromage Frais
VFF Natural Yoghurt
VFF Fruit Flavoured Yoghurts
EasiYo Slimmers Yoghurt Mixes
Quorn Pieces
Quorn Mince
Quorn Fillets
Quorn sausages
Quorn Burgers
Tin tomatoes - (whole & chopped)
Stir fry veggies
Weight Watchers wholemeal thicker bread
Skim milk
Light Alpen Bars
Nescafe Skinny Capuchinno's - (3 syns each)
Bottles Sparkling Water
Oxo cubes
½ fat cheddar cheese
Brown Rice
Spraylight Oil
Wafer Thin Ham
Canned fish - e.g (Tuna, Salmon & Sardines)
Canned veggies
Wholemeal Pasta
Canned fruit - (drained and rinsed before eating to get the syrup off)
Crab sticks
Baked Beans
All Bran
Porridge Oats
Cans Weight watchers Chicken Noodle Soup - (2½ syns)

These are all on my shopping list at some time during the month......
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Blimey Donnie thats a massive help thank you :)
Brown rice
Brown pasta
Tinned toms
Honeydew Melon
Pasta & Sauce
Savoury rice
Xtra lean mince
Turkey mince/pieces/steak

Thats my staples that i always have in including various fruit veg and salad. Then i pick up other bits i might need for any recipes i want to try or anything on offer. Obviously theres the bread milk and cheese too.
Then we get to the devils cupboard as i call it which is all the treaty things for my little boy like jammy dodgers and fishfingers. And The hubbies white bread.

Mullerlite yoghurts
Asda cheese curl crisps 3.5 syns a packet
Baked Beans
Tons of fruit and veg
Thanks again for this list lovely people i have compiled my shopping list and now i'm raring to go :D

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