Shopping: Trolley to be proud of! :D

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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When I was fat, I used to look at others shopping on the converyor belt at check out, and I would compare it with mine.

I would notice those who I felt were the picture of good health. No Frozen meals, no piles of sweetrs, or prepared foods/cakes/biscuits, etc. Lots of fruit, and lots of veg. A bit of meat, and some juice and fruit, etc. No cases of diet soda, etc.

I "admired" their spread because it looked so good, and felt ashamed and embarassed about mine.


I realised the other day when I stood back and looked at mine - I now have a trolley to be proud of!

I AM one of those people now!!! When I looked, I saw piles of fruit, and fresh veg - tofu - pressed juices and mineral water, fresh ingredients for baking for my hubby - no Mr Kiplings! - beautiful fresh veg, and root veg - fresh fish - yogurts and dried fruit and nuts, etc. It was beautiful!!!!

I know it sounds silly but it made me so happy to see what I was bringing home for our weekly shop. HEALTHY, non processed food!! It was a site to behold!!! :D

ANd I have been relieved to find it not as expensive as I feared - though OH is still working a lot of double shifts so I am not feeding him so much, but it still is coming in close to budget.

It just feels good. ANd it makes shopping fun - looking for good healthy food, and putting back things that are not.

Long may this continue!! Like, forever would be good!!! :D
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Back to it!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 3st4lb(23%)
Well done BL - it does make you feel good doesn't it! When I look at my healthy shopping and realise that cooking from scratch for myself also tastes better than the processed ready meal cr*p too, because I control what goes in it. At this time of the year you can eat really cheaply - I live on hearty healthy stews, no fat, all fresh veg, low carb root veg like sweet pots, turnip, swede, celeriac (my fave), a little lean meat or chicken goes a long, long way.

Good for you!

Carol x