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Short of money?

i know i shouldnt really put this here... but i've read that many people are short of money at the moment!!

just found out this website, which is government run... and basically they want you to fill in surveys about politics, obesity all sorts... and the bonus is.. you get paid.. ive just done one and ive got £1 for 5 mins of my time!!
when u reach £50 they send you a cheque!!

Join YouGov | YouGov UK

theres the link - also if u use the above link i earn loyalty points - gna tell ya and not lie.. but its still really nifty! so please use the link, but if ur feeling stingy and dont want me to get anything just copy up to /go ;)

ill leave you with the choice!
still really cool!!

keep glugging :cool:

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I've been a panel member on Yougov for a while now. It takes a while to build up credits for doing surveys. You can only fill in ones that you are selected for - have to belong to a target demographic, that's why in 6 months I've only got £3.25 worth of credits! However there are monthly general surveys that enter you in a cash draw for £250. Also you get to see the results of the surveys in the archive section which makes for interesting reading. It's a good chance to put forward your opinion on lots of different subjects - the surveys are usually commissioned by newspapers and news programmes.
thanks for the info :)

its quite good. do u do all of the surveys that come to you then? because my friend has been on it for 3 months and already has recieved her cheque! she does all of her surveys that come her way!

Thanks for the link, I've used yours, been looking for something like this for ages! Am a trawler, always on the internet doing absolutely nothing so this is a good way to earn a little bit... ta.
I seem to take ages to build mine up - I have been with Yougov for about a year. I think if I remember rightly you have to fill in an original questionnaire so they can determine what surveys to send you - so perhaps I am just not interesting! ha! I have been ignoring them lately, so maybe I should give myself a kick up the bum and start doing it again, even if it does take me ages! x
I have been with them for over a year now, and have about £30. Obviously my profile isn't interesting enough to get many surveys, but its a bit of fun and doesn't take too long!

fair enough if you ind it boring.
tbh the more interesting you make yourself the more paid surveys you get! But be warned - if you use the same address twice they can do something about it - i actually read the terms and conditions lol.

but yeah i love entering competitions too... i know so many people that use this site and absolutly love it coz it gives them an extra bit every now and again! its alright if you got 10 mins a day :)

wellll even if it does take me a couple of months from now.. im £50 better off without having to move my butt off the sofa haha :)

thats the way i look at it. are there many other sites like this that actually give you the money? might start my own lil' buisness haha.


its not questions like that though... its questions like "do you believe everything the tabloids say?"

however i can see why you are sceptical!
well this has prompted me to continue answering the surveys, so just done 2! Now I have £13.50! A bit of a way off £50 but I may as well carry on as I need every penny at the mo!
I don't get requests that often, looking at the archives (sample respondent criteria) I think I miss out because of my age, marital status, ethnicity, homeowner status and not having kids. Still like to fill them in though!


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Thanks for link. Website says it's not government related. I'm wondering if they stop sending you surveys before you reach £50 and that way you never get paid lol!
hmm. dont think so as my friend has reached and recieved her first £50!!!

i think she did sound overally interesting on hers though!! haha.


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