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Short RTM?

S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Has anyone done the shorter ("Lite") Route to Management? My LLC recommends it instead of the standard 12-week programme, as in her experience clients usually drop out of the long RTM as they get fed up with it. I'm worried that there are so many returners on this forum and wonder whether anyone has views on the effectiveness of the long and the short RTM?

Looks like I won't get an option anyway. I will be on the short RTM in a couple of weeks. I guess I can keep going to Maintenance groups though, for support.

Would love to hear your experience, good or bad! Thanks!
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I think you know my opinion Spangly.
The RTM is a tried and tested way to reintroduce food over a fairly prolonged period for various reasons.
Your body isn't used to processing food after being in abstinence.
It helps you get used to the psychological side of eating meals (what surprised me was the impact on my OH of having me sitting eating food from a plate again).
Helps you get over that panic feeling that everything you eat will make you put on weight.
Enable you to identify specific triggers (as if you didn't know already! ) discuss it in group or with your LLC.
LL works so well. If they've developed a programme that's tried and tested - why change it?
It worked for me. Other people who didn't do the 12 week RTM not managed to maintain so well.

Good luck Spangly, whatever you decide.
S: 14st4lb C: 9st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 4st8lb(32%)
I agree with slendablenda - I'm just coming into Week 10 of the LLT Route to Management and I have found it brilliant - there have been a couple of LLL RTM clients who have been in our group for 4 weeks and I am SO glad that my transition back into food has been slower, I think doing it any faster would have been very detrimental to my eating habits!

With the 12 week programme I have slowly built up my food "armour" if you like, I've got an arsenal of recipes and food choices that I know are not going to see me putting weight on and I can adjust what I eat depending on how I feel - i.e. if I've been out I know I can revert back to some week 1-4 foods and reign it back in, or if I've had a week where I've not fancied anything carb heavy I know what to put in my diet to make sure I don't lose any more weight...

Basically I am very glad that I'm on the 12 week RTM and not the 4 week!

Hope that helps, if there is anything else you want to know from someone who is currently going through it please just shout!!



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S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
My LLC doesn't support the 12-week RTM. Gah. Not sure what to do as the four-week programme is my only option it seems. I have a group this evening...
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I done the 12 weeks too, I really recommend it as I could easily have fallen back into old habit had I not done the whole 12 weeks.

In this section there is a thread that lists all the weekly foods you're allowed in the 12 weeks, you could give that a go if you want to do the 12 weeks?

I would be pretty miffed if my LLC didn't support me with my own decisions after all it's your choice not hers or ours you should be supported whatever your decision.

You just learn so much during the 12 weeks that you wouldn't learn in a shortened 4 week version. Some people in my group put weeks 3 and 4 in one week and week 5 and 6 in one week to have it as a 10 week programme but I didn't even want to do this.

I have just finished RTM on Monday and it is my last weigh in today and even though I finished 2 days ago I haven't 'celebrated' with a takeaway or chips as I probably would have done if I had only done 4 weeks.

Also because of doing it over 12 weeks with the first 7 weeks being no trigger foods I know exactly what I can eat when I need to lose a few pounds. I know that anything before trigger weeks I can lose 2/3 lbs a week and on trigger weeks I can lose 1lb if I am careful with portions. I wouldn't have known that if it wasn't for 12 week RTM.

I also know what food to eat that replaces a pack perfectly for me if I do want to lose a bit at some point (such as after my wedding day as I am not going short on food and drink that day and my honeymoon) so I don't HAVE to go back to packs to shift a few lbs.
Good for you ladies for sticking to your RTM. I agree it really Sets you up to be strong in your future eating habits.
Spangly, I can't really see how your LLC doesn't support the full RTM. Lighter Life is a franchise and I believe they are supposed to but in to the whole programme.............:confused:


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S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Can I just say? "ONE POUND TO GO!!!!!!!!!!" :eek:
Woooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo !!!!:party0038::party0019::party0038::party0038:
S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Hehe! Lost the final pound!! I'm reading lots in order to work at my own RTM, seeing as my LLC put me on the "Lite" version (I'm on week two already). Does anyone have any tips? Things to watch out for?


...we're sinking deeper.
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Watch your reaction over the course of a few days when the carbohydrates and sugars come in. Even sugary (i.e. grapes) or dry fruit. I find that after a few days of consuming it in a row - the levels build up in my body and I suddenly become dependent on a constant income of them. So I personally will have to live on a low-carb diet forever, which isn't a problem, because I know they have such negative effects on me.

I'd say the 12 week RTM was too long. But the 4 week RTM was way too short. I have done both, but I extended the 4-week one into what I felt comfortable with. I didn't introduce any of my trigger foods until *I* was absolutely sure I could handle them without going crazy... Remember, your LLC isn't the one doing this right now. YOU are. You need to do what's right for you. Just because she says you need to complete in 4 weeks, doesn't mean you have to completely stick to her rules. Do what feels right. :) You are your own boss, listen to your body!
S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Thanks, everyone! I've asked my LLC for the 12-week RTM book and she's getting me a copy this evening. As you say, I'm doing this for ME, so am trying to get as much helpful information as I can. Thanks for the tips re water and carbs. I reckon I will have to be on a low-carb diet pretty much most of the time, with a bit of leeway once or twice a week. That's ok though - I feel SO much better than I have done in years. It's worth it!

Btw my LLC has said I can "repeat" as many weeks as I like as often as I like, so I don't have to rush through all four weeks if I start to feel insecure or unsettled by it.


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
Aww, you do seem to know what you want, you always sound so positive and in control over it all. :) It's encouraging to see and inspiring!
If you've been doing Lite - the first few weeks of 12-Week RTM plan is going to be no good for you as it's going backwards food wise! And as your LLC said - you can repeat weeks as and when you're comfortable. :)
Your approach to carbs is the right one, having an allowed limit every once in a while, but never anything crazy or having it on consecutive days! I personally found that I felt very lethargic when I had them... By having more vegetables instead of any sort of carb choice made me feel more energetic! When I was eating lots of veg - I never actually caught a cold that stuck... Was such a strange feeling. I'd 'feel' the cold somewhere in the background, maybe feel a bit ill for a day and then it would just disappear. When I started eating all sorts of refined wheat products the recovery was nowhere near as quick. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but it was a noticable difference. :)

Wishing you all the best on RTM and well done for reaching goal! :D You must feel so amazing. xx

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