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Shorties 3rd weigh in and....


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Hello Peeps.

Just had my 3rd weigh in and only lost a pound this wk, I was so sure I had lost more as I can tell my belly has got down slightly and trousers dont feel as tight.

I am not gonna give up but can everyone tell me if they have had similar experience?

Yes, many times.

It could be a matter of fluid balance. Some days (and weeks!) our bodies retain more fluid than they do at other times, and this shows up on the scales.

Since your clothes feel looser you must have lost fat. Next weigh-in should be a delight, cos you may register a bigger loss than expected. It seems weird, I know, but that's how it works!

Also - I love to wear boots; my laceup biker boots are my pride and joy. I've been doing a lot of jogging on the spot in recent months, to help revv up my metabolism. Today I found myself wondering why I hadn't needed to tighten the laces - I've lost a lot of weight - and realised that I've obviously replaced some of the leg fat with muscle. Muscle is good! So I'm pleased.


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I only lost 1lb last week but this week I've lost 4lb. I wouldn't worry too much it seems to balance itself out the week after :)


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Well done on the 1lb loss, as you say you seem to have lost the inches instead, its thoes inches that also make you look better. Next week Im sure that you will have a great loss.


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You are most definitely shrinking honey - don't you worry, this time next week you'll be dancing! ;)

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