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shorty ?????????


Are We There Yet?
i looked yesterday it it said no activity in 5 days. I also hope she is ok xxx


Grumpy Old Git
I've got her locked in my wardrobe feeding her Pizza and Ice Cream!!:missing:


Are We There Yet?
I've got her locked in my wardrobe feeding her Pizza and Ice Cream!!:missing:

I wouldn't put it past you either lol

team blue sabotage!


reaching my goal
she might have gone on holiday you never know but if she has slipped up it doesnt matter we are all here to support each other !!
You might be right about the holiday, can't remember here mentioning it but yeah, she just might be on holiday.
And Short one if you have crashed you know we are here.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I'm here I'm here xxxxx and noooooooooooooooo I havent crashed ;) I may be losing my lumpyness as slow as a snail flirting with a tortoise while walking backwards but I am still 100% being a good girl xxxx
I would never be scared of telling you all he truth if I was struggling.. I'm not :D but I did lick gravy off of my finger the other day! You are my arms to hold when I need comfort so I would be here the first moment something slipped between my lips ;)

I have been in Mike's wardrobe cutting the sleeves off of his shirts and the one leg off of all his jeans due to trying to force feed me pizza and ice cream :D muhahuha

No .. I am sorry :( I have been a little tied up;) heheh ... I have been told to rest and banned from moving about. Forbidden to sit up legs danglying in a chair .. meaning no computer :( I only have a tiny teeny meanie little slight stress fracture in my shin bone from when I was doing my running previous.. and I tried to start again and it has spread down my shin a 'little'.. so for some reason the tall one has banned all or any activity sigh! I have sneaked on here this morning while he is at work! Yes my little legs do not touch the floor and feet dangle and I suppose it hurts a little more.. but but but but but but but but but I mis you all.. I haven't got time to read all the posts as he will do a history search grumble grumble... but I shall sulk until he brings the computer downstairs to enable me to use it from the sofa hehehe .. I can't take the pills from the hospital hehe as it upsets empty stomaches but it isnt that bad honest

love you all and hello to all the newbies xx hang on in there you are doing great!

going going going before I get caught hehehe


Grumpy Old Git
I had to let her go in the end.....her snoring in my wardrobe was keeping me awake at night....:(

I even tried feeding her my Tomato and Basil soups through the keyhole as punishment but it didn't work. Keeping her in my wardrobe was supposed to assist her stress fracture by preventing her from moving about.:cool:

I now have lots of pairs of shorts and short sleeve shirts for the rest of the summer....thanks Shorty!!!:mad:


Rebel without a calorie
Glad you're OK(ish)
Does being on VLCD make it take longer to heal any injuries? I was just wondering as I have been suffering a pain in my ankle for almost a week now. No visible injury, but possibly tendonitus. I've been limping and now the pain has spread up my calf muscle - possibly from limping lol.
Any aches and pains normally heal quite quickly but this seems to be lingering.


reaching my goal
Glad your ok shorty its nice to know you still in track xx

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