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Should I ask doctor for this

Hi All

I have been really struggling with losing weight and have now been diagnosed with high blood pressure by a new doctor - when he checked my notes it has been high since 2009 but only now have beta blockers been prescribed. He also mentioned I have all the signs of pcos.

How did everyone find their request for Xenical went down with their doctor? I am now desperate to get my weight under control and eventually get off these tablets. Thanks.
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Hiya,well I'd gone to the doctors for a checkup as I have high BP too and one or two other problems and I told her I was sick of trying to lose weight and not doing very well and she offered xenical to me.Your BMI has to be above 30 I think to qualify and you have to lose 5% of your initial bodyweight in the first three months to be allowed further prescriptions.My GP is lovely and really pleased everytime she weighs me,even if I have small loses.
I went to the drs after hitting a plateau I've lost 26lb since jan and was really feeling down about not losing anything for 3 weeks running, so I told my dr and she prescribed it, I have never heard of if before but am very grateful she gave me it, I dint have any medical conditions nor am I on any other medication so I don't know how it would effect you


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hiya, i didn't intend to get these tabs when i went to see my doctor i was actually getting the contraceptive implant fitted in my arm, and prior to that i said i don't want to pile on the weight with this because im already extremely overweight, and she checked my BMI and said the same as frankyscarlet- i had to loose 5% to get any more prescriptions, and so far so good im on my 4th month with them now :)
You shouldnt have a problem getting them, i also have blood pressure problems. So i just suddenly decided one day i needed to do something about it, and my doctor was happy to write me a prescription out, its the only thing that has worked for me. Definitely worth a shot!!


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Hii :) It was the same for me, I went to the doctor for an unrelated problem, but just happened to mention I was unhappy with my weight, and my doctor suggested them for me. She's had no problems in prescribing them to me any time I've stopped for a while and decided to get back on them, but maybe she's just too nice! :) Just ask your doctor, I'm sure they'll have no problem in prescribing it to you if you meet the qualifying criteria (BMI over 30). I also have PCOS so I'm back on track after being diagnosed last month to try and get myself healthier for when I decide to start a family.

Good luck with the doctor, let us know how you get on :)
Thanks everyone for the great advise - I am going to ask tonight when I go for a blood pressure check - fingers crossed and thanks again x Will let you know how I get on x


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Hi Mrs Parker! Good luck when speaking to your doctor tonight, I don't think you should have any problems, by actually suggesting to your doctor that you take the tablets, it shows that your determined to lose weight to aid your blood pressure.

My BP was high too, but thankfully now, it's back to normal!

Hope all goes well this evening.


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Good luck this evening! Let us know what happens :)
Well blood pressure hasnt dropped as much as they hoped (now 155/108 was 177/110) so now they have added in another tablet to the mix and have to take it easy - easier said than done!

I asked the dr about Xenical and he said to speak with the nurse next Tuesday when I go back for BP and blood test as have to set goals etc. So roll on Tuesday and thanks again everyone for the good advice. Angela


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Hope it all works out for you and you get sorted next week :)
blood pressure can be a hard thing to control, i first suffered with it during my first pregnancy which was 8 years ago and i am still on tablets, my doctor hasnt checked it in a long time, i am thinking of asking him to, but i am afraid to lol, as i will start worrying about it then and it will go up. My doctor thinks i suffer from white coat syndrome :D

Good luck with the nurse on tuesday, hope she is understanding!!

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i've a hernia in my tummy needs fixed and when i saw my surgeon last May she asked if i could lose some weight before she fixed it.
i said i would and she made me an appointmment for 6 months later - last nov.
when the time came i had put on 2 kilos :eek: - so she said we'll waait another 6 months. :rolleyes:

after xmas i went to the doc and told her i just couldn't do it myself and that i lost 7 lbs and then put it back on and that was the story of my life :rolleyes:

i asked if she would give me the pills , she weighed me and said yes but i would have to see her in 3 months - yeah !!!!

they have certainly been a great help to me and i should have lost around 2 stone before i see the surgeon :D

good luck and let us know how you go ;)

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